6 Most Unforgivable Mistakes In A Relationship


6 Most Unforgivable Mistakes In A Relationship

Mistakes are made by us and these mistakes are the sign that we are trying to improve! But what if these mistakes become our habit?? Will a relationship be the same even after that?? Absolutely not! Certain #mistakes and certain omissions can’t be always forgiven either can be ignored. A relationship is like a piece of glass, once broken it can’t be repaired anymore. Yes, we do pick ourselves up and decide to walk it all new but, the cracks still exist’s. There are 6 of the most indefensible blunders that cannot be forgiven at all.

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6 Most Unforgivable Mistakes In A Relationship -likelovequotes

#1. The infamously famous barter system theory

“Since you told me this, I did this” OR “No, it is my not fault. You said a lie to me and this is the reason I misbehaved with you”. Absolutely avoid this. If there is an issue that is troubling your relationship, deal with it. In a relationship, there is always that one person who has to be calm and composed; and the other person is the one with less patience and baby like. Try to deal with any major problems calmly and not impatiently.

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#2. Breaking the trust over and over again

6 Most Unforgivable Mistakes In A Relationship

Trust is nothing when there is no trust in it! Confused?? Let me explain- What is that one thing that keeps the relationship going?? It is our understanding and patience. Trust is build on the understanding we have between each other and the patience we use to tackle the problems. But not everytime! When this trust is broken over and over again, the relationship loses its shine. People can forgive once, twice, but, when the #mistake becomes the habit, nothing can be done to improve it.

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#3. Don’t look for the green grass on the other side

We all feel that the grass is greener on the other side. We judge our relationship with how our friends are maintaining their relationship. We become so obsessed with the concept of “green grass” that we almost forget how unique our relationship is. “Look at MR.X and MRS.Y. How perfect they are.” This is a grave blunder you are doing dear. Cause from outside even the sky looks clear and white, but it takes only thunder and storms to break our disbelief. So, before judging the book, open it and read it.

#4. Using someone just for your need

Sex is not just a matter of fling, it is the gel that binds the relationship together. It is that emotion which gives the sense of responsibility and the feeling of being two bodies, one soul. But there are certain jerks who uses this feeling of love as something to just feed their hunger. Using someone just for your need and then just ignoring them is a crime. How would you feel if someone did the same thing with your sister??

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#5. Lying and lying

To hide one truth you lie one, to hide that lie who say another lie. Like this, you build a tower of lies and finally when the truth comes into action, the tower break down. What’s the use of lying when you can ease it with the truth? Yes, it is true that after listening to it your partner might feel dejected,  but, it is always better than the lie. Hurt her with the truth, but, don’t comfort her with a lie.

#6. Carrying a negative attitude

An attitude is like your ID. It shows your real identity. Using it as a weapon to hurt someone’s feelings is another major unforgivable #mistake in a relationship that cannot be accepted. Carry an attitude but don’t hurt somebody else with that. If you don’t want any person in your life just say them clearly, avoid them, don’t have to hurt their feelings.