This Might Be The Most Dangerous S** Position!


This Might Be The Most Dangerous S** Position!

By dangerous, we don’t mean sexually transmitted diseases or BDSM. Sometimes the various sex positions we try can lead to fracture-penile rapture. When it comes to sex-related injuries among men, penile fractures are rare but can prove to be extremely painful. In a paper published in Advances in Urology in April but now attracting plenty of attention, they write that the “cowgirl” or when the woman is on top of the man, was responsible for half the penile fractures reported among the cases involving heterosexual sex. The second-worst offender that caused raptures in men was doggy style. It has been responsible for 29%, while the traditional missionary position had been assumed in 21% of the fractures.

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This Might Be The Most Dangerous Sex Position -likelovequotes


Doctors and academics have examined patients attending three A&E units with suspected penile fractures over a 13 year period. About half of the men had reported hearing a cracking or popping sound before the rare condition. Still, private part fractures are so rare that there isn’t really a known statistic for the injury. Out of all reports in the past 13 years, only a total of 42 men had “the condition confirmed after clinical, radio logical, and surgical evaluation,” the researchers report. To take note of: 28 of those 42 fractures occurred during heterosexual sex, 4 during homosexual sex, 6 due to “penile manipulation,” and 4 in “unclear” circumstances.

The research suggested that the problem with the cowgirl position was that the woman was in control with her whole weight focused on her partner’s manhood (the private part). When things went wrong, the woman was unlikely to even notice until interrupted by screams of her man. Meanwhile, in positions where the man has control, he has a better chance of stopping the intercourse as he would notice the pain immediately. Non-surgical treatment can result in up to 50 per cent of patients being left with a permanently deformed manhood. Those affected also reported problems with erectile dysfunction and painful sex following the ordeal.

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