Men And Their Ridiculous Break-up Lines


Men And Their Ridiculous Break-up Lines!

Yes! Just ridiculous! Men have this weirdest and “I don’t know how to describe” type attitude. They feel that they get over it easily, but they don’t have any idea how weird and false it sounds to us. Have a look at some of these bizarre break-up lines used by men to call off a relationship.

Men And Their Ridiculous Break-up Lines -likelovequotes

Line no.1: You are too good for me

Ok! Let me get this very clear, you mean I mean good and you are bad. Or, you’ve got somebody else, or you are not getting what you want?? Like SEX! Trust me, the guy is a big time superficial person, he has got someone else and since he can’t say it directly, he is using such ridiculous tricks to get over this relationship.

Don’t fall for it girls, instead, give them a befitting reply like “Thank god you said this! I was thinking how to say you that things are not going well and we should part away”. Do see his reply and his reaction if possible. Generally, their true reaction comes after they get betrayed or hilariously fooled by some other girl and come running to you saying “I shouldn’t have left you. After leaving you I realized my mistake”. Please avoid such men and walk away.

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Line no.2: I am not ready for commitment

You are not ready for commitment but you can call her for doing your projects or even when you need a quick recharge. So what were you doing all these months, from going out with her to waiting for her, texting mushy pickup lines to even trying to come near her? And when she didn’t respond according to your will you just came up with yet another ridiculous excuse like “I am not ready for the relationship”. BLIMEY!

Line no.3 : Let’s be friends

Great! So that you can still make us do your homework, pay your call recharge, take notes in your absence or even, be a buffer during crucial times. In case you’ve got someone better than me, chill! It happens, you don’t need to please us with your selfish excuses. Be a man and show that you’ve BALLS for real.

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Line no. 4: I still can’t forget her

So sad. But wait a minute, why didn’t you realize this before sleeping with me??  Where was your realization when you proposed me??  Girls, this type of guys deserve a tight slap and perfect reply like ” You know what, it’s her misfortune that you can’t forget her. I mean I am lucky that I got rid of such a spineless guy who can’t even stand and speak the truth”.

Line no. 5 : I am not the guy you’re looking for

Absolutely right dear. You are definitely not the guy I am looking for. Cause to you, maturity is something totally unknown and alien, you love to hang out with girls, you love to use them according to your needs, but when it comes to commitment, you get pissed off.

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Line no.6 : I haven’t been with a girl like you earlier

Truth has been spoken! And if you continue like this you won’t get anyone better in your life even in the near future. So girls if your guy uses this funny but sarcastically true lines, don’t waste your tears on them. Pick yourself up, focus on your career and be an established women. Trust me you deserve much better than this and you will get one.

Line no.7 : The person who’ll have you in his life will be really lucky

A typical cheapo who just want’s to be “the nice guy” by being kind to you. You know these kinds of men actually use girls as a backup plan. So that if they get betrayed by his target, he can come up to you with some another cheesy emotional line. DON’T EVER FALL FOR THEIR TACTICS, THEY ARE VERY EGOISTIC IN NATURE.

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Men And Their Ridiculous Break-up Lines

Men will be men! But that doesn’t mean that all men are going to be the same. Exceptions are there, you just need to wait and trust yourself. Considering the fact that you can’t forget your first love, then my dear always remember that true love buries it alive.

Words of wisdom: The power of karma is unimaginable. Those who are trying to fool karma are actually getting fooled by him in return.