Men Women Want to Date Vs Men Women Want to Marry

Men Women Want to Date Vs Men Women Want to Marry

While a woman might want to date a particular man, the same man might not be the kind she would like to get married to. The qualities that a woman looks for in a man to date vs. a man she would like to get married to, are quite different. There are some women who look for just one kind of guy who would date them and would also turn out to be their life partners. Before understanding the difference between men women want to date and the men women want to marry, it is important to know the difference between dating and marriage.

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Men Women Want to Date Vs Men Women Want to Marry

Difference between dating and marriage

In today’s times, dating has become quite a common thing and it is very rare to come across people who are or have not dated anybody. In the modern world, when get interested in someone they do not shy away from expressing their feelings and date each other. While some people date each other for a very long time, there are some who look for casual dating. Whatever the nature of your relationship might be, getting married to someone is a much bigger step than dating someone. It is something that needs to be thought about carefully and does not leave for any scope for frivolity. Even if people have a sense of responsibility when they are dating someone, it is not possible to take it as seriously as marriage. You fall for someone and you decide to date them. When you are about to get married, you choose your life partner after putting in some serious thought and thinking carefully about all those things that you expect to find in them. A relationship might be an important thing for you but it can never be as important as marriage is. You can choose to make mistakes when you are in a relationship but making blunders in a marriage can cost you dearly. You do commit yourself to someone in a relationship but marriage involves several over things that require you to have a higher degree of maturity and commitment.  You might have dated several people in your life but marriage is something you cannot afford to be so frivolous about. Choosing someone to be your life partner is a very important decision as it, in a way, decides the course of the rest of your life.

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Men women want to date

When they are young, women prefer dating guys who are adventurous and are willing to take risks in life. They get attracted by men who live life on the edge. They might not necessarily be the proverbial bad boys but they should not be too conventional in their approach towards life. They do not have a stable job and are broke most of the time but they always have a never-say-die attitude that pulls them through every situation. Most of these guys are not someone who they could expect a high level of commitment from but a long term relationship is something that very few people want in their younger days. They hope that even if the relationship dies not last for long they will gain a lot out of it in a short time. The experience would open the doors to a new world for them and would enable them to see the world with a different viewpoint.

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Men women want to marry

When it comes to marriage, women look for men who would love them and at the same time, would provide them with a bit of stability. He should be someone who have a clear future ahead of him and should be mature enough to shoulder all the responsibilities that come with marriage. Love is a very important thing but it is a tough world out there and it takes a lot more than love to survive in it. The guy who gets married must be serious about his career and should have a well laid out plan as to how does he plan to achieve his goals in life. He should be able to support his family and be responsible enough to start a family. Marriage is an irreversible decision. It is not a big deal to break out of a relationship but backing out of a marriage would be a very unpleasant thing to do. Therefore, women take their own time to select the right partner who would give them a good life and love them.

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The decision to date someone is not a tough one to make but one must think carefully before deciding to marry someone. Marriage is not an easy decision to make. The hardest of it is all to choose the man you are going to get married to. The man you are dating might not be someone you would like to get married to. You must think carefully before deciding on the man you are going to spend the rest of your life with.