A Guide For Men to Shave Their Pubic Hair Safely


A  Guide For Men to Shave Their Pubic Hair Safely.

Cleaning or shaving pubic hair is one of the points in maintaining a healthy hygienic habit. But, are you sure you are doing it in the right way??  Special care and safety should be maintained in cleaning such delicate parts of our body. Read below to know more.

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A Guide For Men to Shave Their Public Hair Safely

1/ Go for a clean razor and scissors:

Invest a few amount in buying a new razor and a good pair of scissors to trim your pubic hair. Avoid old or rusted pair of scissors or razors as they can cause more harm to your genital organs. Wash them properly after every use and keep them in a cool dry place. Make sure you change the blades of the razor weekly. And yes, please wash them again before using it. And please don’t use that razor to shave your beard, keep it strictly for cleaning your pubic hair. KEEP IT IN MIND!

2/Trim it before razing it off:

Razors are actually for trimming those fairly short hairs and not meant for the long ones. So, to make the journey a smooth and easy one, trim it before you go for the razor.

3/Use shaving cream or anything to avoid irritation:

Make sure you don’t apply the scented one. This is basically done to lubricate your skin for a smooth journey. Go to the market and purchase those creams which are specially designed for shaving pubic hair. Keeping in mind that it’s the most delicate organ or part of our body, never try to shave your pubic hair without applying those creams, this might lead to a rough journey which in turn can cause a cut. 

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4/The “KEEP IN MIND” Tips:

A Guide For Men to Shave Their Public Hair Safely

  • Avoid cuts or bruises by stretching your skin tight. This will allow the razor to raze it off well especially in the flat surfaces.
  • Start from below your navel, make a figure 8 and follow accordingly. (Keep points 3 and 1 in mind always)
  • Take you own special time to trim or remove your pubic hair.  A little safety can help you to prevent serious cuts.
  • Keep washing your blades after each round of trimming.
  • Wash the part (After and before ) with hot Luke warm water.
  • Use a clean towel to pat the area dry
  • Use a good cream or gel to avoid after trimming irritation.
  • Never shave the area more than it’s needed, it might cause inflammation.

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5/Always exfoliate:

 Always exfoliate  after cleaning your pubic hair, this avoids redness, itching and also removes all the dead skins. Use your regular soap or a sugar paste can also do wonders. Try to keep a separate soap for such purpose.

6/ Last but not the least:

Always dry the area properly after shaving. Use a clean towel, washed and dried. If you are using any cream or gel, make sure it suits your skin type. And always be extra careful when it comes to something like your genital organs.

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Next time if you think of shaving your pubic hair, keep these points in mind. A little safety can ensure you a happy future. Happy Reading!