What You can do When Your Men LIE to You


What You can do When Your Men LIE to You

He is just playing with you. Have you ever thought why do men lie? Do you witness sudden changes in the behavior of your husband? If such questions keep coming in your mind then this demands your attention.

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What You can do When Your Men LIE to You-likelovequotes

Gone are the days of true love. It hardly exists in reality. William Faulker, one of the known American writer once said “Perhaps they were right putting love into books. Perhaps it could not live anywhere else.” Many of you must be wondering about various things like why do men lie about being in a relationship? and why do husbands lie about anything and everything? And you could only wish, how you can tell when a men is lying and is cheating on you. No wonder he is just playing with you. Let’s just find out why men lie and cheat.

There are many ways in by which you can find out if he is just playing with you. He is a big time player and is busy cheating on you. The idea of being in a relationship is just so pleasing to everyone out there especially in today’s world. But have you ever toyed by a thought that what all it demand to take it forward. It demands your time, trust, faith, loyalty, love and security. But what exactly we are getting in the name of ‘true love’… fear, loss, lies, cheating etc from the partner. He is just playing with you and you need to do something of this lover who has become a player.

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                                                  What You can do When Your Men LIE to You

Dear readers, up till now you might have come across many people who tell you the ways in which your men are cheating on you. Have you ever wondered why do men lie and what you can do about it. It is a common believe that most relationships break because a man was not honest enough with the partner. Now-a-days we come cross so many people who were in their ‘Perfect’ relationship but something could not take it any further. The reason is he is just playing with you. Men indulge in hiding things from their partner and they tend to become secretive because they might be doing something which would not be acceptable to their partners. Another reason that makes a men lie to their partner is because he might be in relationship with a girl who is always nagging him without any reason. So, the sole reason the husbands are lying every time is just because he wants to maintain peace and harmony in the family. Sometimes, a kind of fear and insecurity may excite him to speak lies or make him cheat on you. If you find him making lame excuses just to cover up his mistakes, it might be possible he is just playing with you.

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No Wonder He Is Just Playing With You: What you can do ?

All the female readers, you need to do something which stop them from lying every time. If you think its your complaining nature that makes him hide things from you, you just need to refrain yourself complaining every now and then. Make him feel special and care for him. You need to make him feel that you trust him and you know that he will always be truthful to you. Never let a misunderstanding break your relationship rather nurture it with love, truth, trust, faith and togetherness. Hence, one does not need to be judgemental and judging your partner every time. You need to become his support system. It is your trust and faith that will make him your true lover than a player.