Meeting your soulmate, your heart’s only desire.


Meeting your soulmate, your heart’s only desire.

Soulmate??  Is there anything like this?? Well, spiritually speaking, every soul has their mate, that one person who completes them. And you’ve heard this many a times that with your birth, the name of your other half has already been written on your heart. It’s just that you’ll meet them at the right time!

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Meeting your soulmate, your heart's only desire.

And what are the signs?? Well, that’s what our topic is about today.Look below!

1/A new feeling of JUMPING RATS and COOL BREEZE:

In short THE CINEMA EFFECT! Yesh! Whenever he/she is around, you feel a sudden lovey-dovey vibe. Like, you notice their each movement, you blush almost all the time. And most importantly, there is that unseen force of compatibility, which can only be felt and not touched or seen. You feel like, you both have been together forever, some kind of supernatural bond you share with your partner. Something more spiritual and cant’t be explained in words.

A sudden burst of emotions filled with romance and the butterfly effect surrounds both of you. A small gaze, a silent hello, is enough to make your heart skip a beat. And you hear the song “This is love….I know its love”. #HowRomantic

2/They are on your lips every-time:

A sense of Deja-vu flashed my mind. No matter what the situation or scenario be, you are always discussing about your soulmate. Even if the topic is way far from the concept of LOVE and SOULMATE, you kind of magically match it up. They have actually made a mark on your MIND and BODY, HEART and SOUL, and it’s impossible for you to think or speak anything else other than them.

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3/Best Partner for everything:

  • Sharing secrets
  • Seeking solutions
  • Confiding your darkest truths
  • X-Partner problems
  • Discussing family feuds
  • Pillow fights
  • Frank with each other but also polite
  • Scolds each other for their silly mistakes too
  • And also the best place where you can share all your tension or stress related queries.

Actually you guys share an effortless bond of friendship which is free from the shackles of hesitation or courtesy. The word best-friends will be less to describe such bonds. They are actually bonded by the glue of love, care, affection and understanding.

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4/Great understanding:

If your partner listens to all your technical or personal issues with utmost attention without getting irritated, he/she is your ultimate hearts desire, your true soulmate. See, nobody or nothing is perfect infact, the word perfect doesn’t go with the word LOVE . Love is all about imperfection with understanding.

Even if it comes to compromising, you both will stand by each other and deal with the problems together. There is no space for ego or baseless attitude. Between you both there is only thing and that is THE UNDERSTANDING POLE.

5/Improving yourself:

You try to improve your bad habits and be a better person for your soulmate. Flushing out all your bad habits, anger issues and become the right man/lady for your other half.

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6/The  level of trust is great:

You both trust each other and give space. You never confide or try to intrude in their space, there is a bond of trust that kind of binds you both together. It might be that you both are working in a different fields, but that never stops you from spending quality time with each other. You both have a sense of matured understanding which is very important for any relationship to run.

7/Each other’s guide and mentor and inspiration:

You don’t need anybody else to encourage you. You both act like an inspiration for each other when the other feels low or feels hopeless. You act like a positive vibe and boost their self esteem, push them to do it all over again. No matter how hard it is, you never give up. Cause your love for your soulmate is unconditional.

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Meeting your soulmate, your heart's only desire.

Actually you  both are perfect for each other. You involve each other in every aspect of your life and don’t need anybody else if they are around. It’s like an untold bond which can never be explained with words. And as I always say LOVE WILL FIND THE WAY.