Meaning of Different Types of Kisses

Meaning of Different Types of Kisses

A kiss is the sweetest way of showing your affection – each one denoting that special relation you share with the opposite person. There are so many kinds of kisses that you will always find a unique one to define your special relation. Yet, a bunch of them are common worldwide.

Meaning of Different Types of Kisses

Read on to find out which kiss you use most often and create a moment with your loved one.

  1. Forehead kiss

This is the most graceful of the lot. Kiss your loved one’s forehead to tell them how much you care for him. This soft forehead kiss evokes a sense of assurance; it tells the other person that you will always be around to protect him. [ Read: Why Saying, “I Love You” Too Soon Is Not A Good Idea 


  1. Sandwich kiss

A soft kiss on the lips just gently holding on to each other and then slowly taking your partner’s lower lip between yours is a sandwich kiss. This makes for a perfect slow romantic moment. Enjoy the peace and tranquility while you feel the passion building up. [ Read: A Heartfelt Message For The Best Wife From Her Husband ]

  1. Passionate French kiss

A favourite across the globe – the French kiss is all about passion, desire and intimacy. Your mouth and tongue do a perfect job by stimulating that sensual connection between you and your partner. This sets the right tempo to get down to some serious business! [ Read: Most Amazingly Terrific Tips To Melt Your Guy’s Heart ]

  1. Royal Kiss

The most respected kiss of them all. A royal kiss involves gently taking the opposite person’s hand in yours, bending over and placing a light kiss on the back of the palm. It is a pure act of kindness and adoration. By plonking this kind kiss on the opposite person’s hand you are instilling a sense of gratification telling the other person that you are in awe of him. [ Read: Best 100 Reasons WHY I Love HIM So Much ]

  1. Nose kiss

Commonly known as the ‘Eskimo kiss’ this act of affection expresses cuteness in its truest form. You rub your nose against your loved one’s nose back and forth, automatically bringing a smile to your face. You’ll see adults giving this Eskimo kiss to kids addressing the fact that he totally adores the little kid and being with this kid makes him euphoric! [ Read: 7 Most Romantic Valentine’s Day Tips For Guys ]

  1. Belly button kiss

Although this may lead to a lot more, the initial stage of the kiss is sweet and innocent where you get down on your knees and drop a soft kiss on your partner’s belly. This tells your partner that you are looking for some assurance, support and may be some extra love too; and if things get steamy then you are in for a treat. [ Read: Cute Ways To Say Goodnight To Your Crush ]

  1. Cheek kiss

It is a common tradition in most parts of the world is to greet family and friends with a lip-to-cheek kiss. By smacking a kiss on your loved one’s cheek, you portray your love and affection in the simplest language possible. [ Read: 7 Romantic Ways To Say Good Morning To Your Boyfriend Or Girlfriend ]

  1. Peck on the lips

A quick lip-to-lip kiss does not necessarily have to be in the romantic sense. In many cultures across the world, a peck on the lips is a common salutation. You’ll find men exchanging this kiss on festivals, greeting each other and spreading the joy. [ Read: 13 Best Ways To Cuddles Your Boyfriend ]

  1. Cheek-to-cheek kiss

The most frequently used greeting across continents is this happy cheek-to-cheek kiss. As you hug each other, you touch your cheeks to the other person’s and leave the kiss in the air. This cheek-to-cheek exchange portrays not only love and affection, but also friendliness and brotherhood. [ Read: Diary of a girl. Based on a True Story. ]

  1. Eyelash kiss

The fluttering of eyelashes against your face will give you butterflies in your stomach! Facing each other, you are so close to your partner that the eyelashes splash on your skin. This tingling feeling on your face when your partner keeps blinking will make you want to just cuddle in your partner’s arms forever. [ Read: 15 Ways to Save a Long Distance Relationship ]

  1. Solo Kiss

A tight-lipped, close kiss on your partner’s lip is what they call a solo kiss. Bask in the romance of this lovely long kiss, holding your partner in your arms. This is emits a ‘feel-the-love’ kind of aura setting up an amazing romantic mood giving your partner goosebumps! [ Read: Annoying Habits Any Guy Would Hate About His Girlfriend ]

  1. Angel Kiss

The most innocent kiss has to be the gentle peck on the eyelids. This angel kiss is an icing on the cake after the forehead kiss. This kiss just brings out an untouched essence of adoration. You’ll surely win brownie points for this endearing gesture. [ Read: 10 Sure Signs You Can’t Trust the Guy You Are Dating ]

  1. Flying kiss

A perfect hello or good-bye from across the room, a flying kiss gets across the message in the best possible way. A baby’s favourite gesture as well as a grandpa’s, a flying kiss is the evergreen kiss displaying affection with perfection. [ Read: 10 Tips To Fall In Love With Yourself And Be A Better Person! ]

  1. Teaser kiss

A teaser kiss is apt when you wish to engage in some extra passion. Beginning from the forehead, moving to your cheeks, the nose, the neck, the arms and hands, you tease your partner and bring in a certain desire in the atmosphere. This works well when you wish to set a sensual mood in the air. [ Read: What Happens When We Start Trusting Someone ]

  1. Love kiss

A love kiss is unique to every couple. It is all about the feeling of love that oozes out when you are caressing. With passion taking a back seat and pure love driving this act, your love kiss is totally out of this world! [ Read: 10 Things You Should Not Give Up For A Relationship ]

You may fight and break-up, but your kiss will make it all up! Anytime, anywhere and any type, kisses will always bring a smile to your face, pressing the happy emotion button. So keep the love alive and going as you kiss and spread joy and happiness.