Am I Being Taken For Granted? – 16 Discreet Signs

Am I Being Taken For Granted? – 16 Discreet Signs

Love is a beautiful thing that can happen to anyone. Love is when two people come together and wish to spend their life with each other. They share a bond that promises affection, care, respect, loyalty and responsibility towards each other. [ Read: 11 Signs He Loves You Even If He Doesn’t Say It Out Loud ]

Am I Being Taken For Granted? – 16 Discreet Signs

But these days love is becoming complicated. People are so busy with their life that love starts to fade away after a couple of months or you start facing problems in the relationship with regard to time, respect, etc. Another problem that can come in the way can be that your partner starts taking you for granted. They stop considering you as an important part of their life. They take you, your love and whatever you are going for them for granted. For all that you do for them, you get nothing in return but ignorance.

If you are also having such a feeling that your partner may be taking you for granted, then you can go through the below given signs and check for yourself.

  1. Your efforts are not appreciated

Your partner has got used to the efforts you make for making them happy and they don’t appreciate you for it anymore. [ Read: 11 Everyday Things to Keep Your Partner Happy


  1. They don’t have time for you

Besides work, they spend a lot a of time with their colleagues and friends but they don’t have time for you.

  1. They don’t seem to call back or reply to your texts

First of all they expect you to call or text them first and when you do, they don’t reply to them. [ Read: 15 Must Know Relationship Advice for Women ]

  1. They don’t have time to listen to you

Your partner may be physically present with you, but mentally he is absent. Even you want to sit and talk to them either they won’t listen to you or are not interested in what you are saying.

  1. They don’t want to do out with you

Its been long you both haven’t been out on a romantic date and when you make a plan, they simply refuse because giving some or the other excuse. [ Read:11 Not-So-Obvious Things Your Guy Loves About You ]

  1. They are not interested in what is happening in our life

All they do is talk about themselves, their problems, their goals in life. But when you wish to share something about your life, they will seem disinterested and may even walk away.

  1. The efforts you put into the relationship do not matter to them

You may be sacrificing something important just to be with them but it would not matter to them. [ Read: 11 Rules to be Followed for a Happy Love ]

  1. They fight with you over small things

If you fail to do something or make a mistake like everyone does they will start fighting with you over it and even make you cry

  1. They never say sorry for their mistakes

You have given them so much freedom that they do whatever they like even if you find it incorrect and they would not even come up to say for it. [ Read: I Wasn’t Treating My Husband Fairly, It Wasn’t Fair ]

  1. Its always you who makeup after a fight

They never come forward to make up to you after you both have a fight. Its always you who bends forward to say sorry.

  1. They pick up faults in everything you do

All they do is nothing for you but pick up faults in every work, everything you are doing. Not just for him or for your relationship, but anything. They may even behave as if they are really annoyed with you. [ Read: 15 Biggest Dating Deal Breakers for Women! ]

  1. They make fun of you when you are alone or even at social places

It is okay to pass jokes on each other when both of you are having fun time, but not otherwise in public. In public it may be termed as disrespecting your partner and your partner might feel offended.

  1. They don’t care whether you are happy or sad

They stop asking you about your feeling of being in this relationship. They just don’t care whether you are happy or sad. All they care for is their own happiness. [ Read: Feeling Of Falling In Love With My Best Friend – Story ]

  1. You start questioning yourself

You may start asking questions to yourself; does your guy/girl really even care for you or want to be with you, what if they are not interested in being with you anymore.

  1. They play unfair

He may set different rules for the both of you. He may himself love to go out for parties but he doesn’t allow you to do the same. [ Read: 11 Everyday Things to Keep Your Partner Happy ]

  1. They abuse you

During an argument or a fight, he/she gets so angry that they starting abusing you by using inappropriate words or may even hit you with their hand or something.

If you see these signs taking place in your relationship, then it is definitely time for you to take an action. You can sit with your partner and talk to him/her about it and explain how you are not comfortable with their behavior and how they are taking you for granted. It is well and good if they understand your point and decide not to repeat it in the future. This means your efforts are not wasted. In case they do not agree to it and you both again start arguing over it, then you must understand that this relationship will not work. You need to stand up for yourself and walk away. If you continue to accept this behavior from them, then life will become even more difficult for you. Just think that may be someone better out is waiting to be with you, to love you, respect you and care for you.