MayDay- All About Summer Fling


MayDay- All About Summer Fling

A summer fling is a relationship that blossomed in the month of May ended in the month of July. Only to last for just 3months?? Are summer flings or summer affairs all about those short period of enjoyment? Or it is something more than that??

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MayDay- All About Summer Fling

But how do we know what it is and how long will it last?? How to be sure that a summer fling will last long?? Don’t worry, sit back and relax, when the team of likelovequotes has taken up the case, be sure they will come up with some exquisite tips for you and your problem. So, how will you know that it’s more than that??

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1/Are you guys meeting more than often??

So, the meeting has not ended. You both are enjoying your company even after that short summer fling?? My dear, it’s a good news, he likes you and wants to take the relationship a bit more ahead. Something more than just a normal fling. You know those serious love types. But it’s definitely too early to decide whether the love is so much serious or not. Be aware.

2/Is she calling you very often??

The connection via the electronic medium has grown more than “Good night” and “Good morning”. Is she calling you up for another round of coffee?? Or, something more serious like going out for boating or even, just to enjoy some hearty conversations?? Well, my dear, she is having some serious relationship goals in her mind. She is looking at this relationship with much more care and want’s to give it the needed time.

MayDay- All About Summer Fling

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3/Is it more than SEX??

Is he avoiding those intimate moments?? Is he wanting to spend more cosy time like, walking hand in hand, hugging you or suddenly calling you home and just enjoying a nice moment together?? Well, I believe the guy is really serious and to him your smile or your presence is much more important than sex.

MayDay- All About Summer Fling

4/Are you both looking forward towards a long lasting relationship??

Ok! So you both share the same goal of having someone to take care off, call you when you are late or hug you when you are depressed?? Are you both looking for someone just more than a friend?? Well, you both are on the right track. Spend some more romantic moments together before indulging into any serious relationships.

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5/Does your parents know about each other??

Generally what happens is, our parents are the last person to know about our summer or winter or any season affair. But in this case, they flying fling actually turned into a serious relationship, where, even our parents knows about it. My idea is, you both are actually looking forward to something more intense or more deep, and you both want to take this relationship into the next level, MARRIAGE.

There is no harm in considering someone very close to you. Nor it is a crime to fall for someone with whom you had been on a casual summer date. Just make sure, the person you are dating is the right one and shares the same feelings as you have. One-sided love or one-sided affection never works. This kind of relationship only brings unnecessary jealous and a life-long hatred.

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MayDay- All About Summer Fling

Much before you decide to date him or fall in love with him, be sure about his whereabouts. Keeping in mind the overflowing cases of being deceived, one must always be sure about their moves. Especially which has a link to their future.