Marry Her, But Be Her Best Friend First.


Marry Her, But Be Her Best Friend First.

First of first, a very Minion Happy Friendship Day to my two sexy best friends, having you guys changed my life completely. This is what a best friend does, makes you feel unimaginably special that can make you feel like THE QUEEN OF THE WORLD. But I don’t know why this friendship gets lost once the word MARRIAGE comes in between. I mean, what is marriage exactly! Is it just a bond to ensure we have someone beside us officially, is it a deal of extending the family business or is it just a mere illusion of staying together under one roof?? What is it??

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Marry Her, But Be her Best Friend First.

Well, if you ask me, I would say marriage is a bond that enhances the previous bond and makes it a very special bond, with much stronger and much closer camaraderie. Being a husband and wife is more than that single piece of a ring or those vows, it’s a bond which is more than the tag of Mr. and Mrs. and the ship that takes this bond to its shore is the FRIENDSHIP. So, before marrying try to be each other’s friend and after marrying, be each other’s best friend.

#Give Time and Be Nice

You know what’s the secret of Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna or Amy Adams and Darren Le Gallo’s long lasting relationship?? It’s their friendship that makes their both stronger each day. Giving time to each other to know each other is highly important for any relationship to linger. I am not saying you to take a leave from your office or something like that but make it a point to spend some quality time with each other. Know each other’s likings and dislikings. Be nice when you talk to each other, don’t grumble about those tiny little tiffs; understand like you do when your best friend feels low.

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#Understanding each other

This means a lot more understanding than just knowing each other’s likes and dislikes. Being a friend, you have to be much more flexible towards your partner. Like, instead of shouting at him for not replying to your texts, ask him politely that “Hey honey, how was your day??” or something like “You look tired. You need a good hair massage”. This will boost your relationship and also make your man feel relaxed.

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See, understanding is all about how well you both gel with each other. Problems are a part of our life, but it depends on us how we solve or deal with it; whether to show your office anger on your partner or calm yourself down and talk your problems to them.

#Learning to apologise

A simple SORRY, a simple THANK YOU is all it takes to show your gratitude. What you do when you hurt your friend?? Do you simply call for a break-up or do you sit down and apologise for your mistake. Don’t you?? Marriage is all about enhancing the bond between you and your partner, once you do this, you will realize how lucky you are to have friendship in your relationship.

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#Work Together

Cook a dish together, wash the clothes together, go for a walk together and see how magically it improves your journey. In this busy corporate world we hardly find time to do things together, so utilise those small moments to be together.

Marry Her, But Be her Best Friend First.

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The main motto of this article is spreading the magic of love. Love says, the base of any relationship is how strong its friendship is. Being a friend solves half of those marriage disputes, which in turn prevents those unnecessary fights and creates that understanding which should be there in any relationship to ensure a long lasting bond. Like our blog for more updates on relationship and other related issues.