Married Life: Can it be ‘Picture Perfect’!!


Married Life: Can it be ‘Picture Perfect’!!

All is not well in your Married life? Is your Married life going through a rough phase? Did you thought your married life would always be ‘Picture Perfect‘? Finally!! the Wedding Season for this year has ended. I witnessed so many individuals updating their relationship status from Single to Engaged, Engaged to Married. What’s your Relationship Status? MARRIED?? Are all Newly Married couples ready to say ‘Happily Married Ever After‘? Can you call your Married Life as Picture Perfect? Do you think Is there anything ‘Picture Perfect’ in life? Are you encountering some problems in your Married Life? You need to accept that nothing is perfect in this entire universe. So, how can you  even imagine to have a perfect married life? Leo Tolstoy, one of the greatest Russian writer said, “If you look for perfection, you’ll never be content.” This means that there is no end to satisfy oneself. The more we get satisfied after achieving one thing, the more we want to achieve. Due to this reason, all of you need to understand that married life too is a mixture of both happiness and sorrows.

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Married Life Can it be Picture Perfect.

Every relationship has to undergo ups and downs for a while. Married life too has its Highs and Lows. You can easily solve the marital problems in your life by handling the things other way round. Many of you must have thought that you will have a Fairy Tale wedding (especially girls) and then a Picture Perfect Married Life. Life is not Bed of Roses. This means that life is not so easy for anyone. You have to face the problems, challenges that it brings to your life. Let’s have look on the eight most common marital Problems and the ways to solve them.

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Is Your Communication Strong:
Do you both share a strong communication? Communication is considered to be the key to any relationship. Many couples face the problem of poor communication in their life. This tend to increase a gap between them. Many married couples tend to face this problem in their life. This problem of poor communication destroy many relationships because the person starts to think that his or her partner is hiding something. Communication helps the couples to understand each other better. Sharing their feelings and thoughts helps them to form a strong communication between them. But with life turning too hectic these days, communication tends to go weak. In order to avoid this problem you need to give adequate time to your partner to listen to them and their problems and sharing your problems with them too. Don’t let poor communication become a barrier between you two.

Having a illicit Relationship:
Do you doubt that your partner is having an illicit relationship with someone? This is another major problem that many married couples face. This problem too germinates when your partner feels neglected or rather avoided by you. It is very obvious that when you neglect your partner he or she may begin to doubt you. Whenever a person gets involved in such illicit relationships their family had to suffer and the partner feels neglected and lonely. Such issues can be resolved by developing a good understanding. You need to Trust one another and develop Faith in order to understand each other more with every passing day.

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Family Pressures:
The couples had to undergo some kind of family pressure every now and then in their married life. This too can be the reason of causing a rift between them. Marriage is not  about only two people coming together but it is a social institution where two families come together and establish some kind of relationship among themselves. So, the couples need to understand that  they cannot do things according to their convenience. Before taking any decision, you need to realize that your decision about anything will affect both you and your family members. Be wise enough to think of everyone and take your decisions.

Domestic Chaos:
Often it is seen that domestic chaos creates a dispute in a relationship. This is because the lady has to look after both her family and her job. Sometimes it gets difficult to handle too many things alone which in turn creates tension between them. This can be avoided if both the man and the woman of  the house starts to share their responsibilities towards their family equally.

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Open Up:
A married person should understand that their married life can only be successful when they will start sharing each and every thing to their partners. Stop keeping Secrets from the other person. This is because the secretive nature of a person leads to further misunderstanding. You need to accept the fact the your husband or your wife are your life partners. Nothing should be hidden from them.

Friendly Atmosphere:
Make your Life Partners your best friends. Usually it is seen that couples initially are uncomfortable with each other. This is because both are coming from two different backgrounds and finds it hard to cope up with each other. But this can too be resolved if they decide to start their married life as friends and later take their relationship to another level. In order to establish such a bond one needs to develop a friendly atmosphere in the house rather than being bossy or authoritative.

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Respect Each Other:
Every individual needs to be respected. Sometimes when couples go through a tough time in their life. They tend to blame each other for no reason. Often women are considered inferior in a relationship and this makes the man think that he is more powerful and can do whatever he feels like. But one needs to understand that both of them are  equal in a relationship. Both need to respect one another and  realize that they are incomplete without each other. Always remember “Respect is never asked it is earned”

Be their Support System:
Both of them should support one another. They should be the biggest supporters of each other. Your bond with each other should be the strongest which is only possible when you both will look after each other and fulfill all the needs of one another.

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Thus, Marriage demands acceptance, admiration, appreciation and emotional security. There is no column for jealousy, manipulation, control, doubt, disrespect etc. It is a bond where both husband and wife share equal status and promise each other to face every challenge together. Both the partners need to understand and accept the fact that life is not the bed of roses. Marriage too is a path where you will have  to face some ups and downs. This makes us realize that there is nothing in the universe which can be called ‘Picture Perfect’ in life.