Marriage Versus Money

Marriage versus Money

Parker was an ambitious man. He owned a textile business. He was married to Joanna. They had a lovely marriage. They even had a daughter named Tia. It was almost ten years since they got married. Parker always gave his career and business more importance than everything else. Joanna understood him and also helped him. She thought that they were well to do today, only because of Parker’s ambition and hard work. Soon, as Tia started going to school, she started helping him in his business functions as well. She handled the client co-ordination from home and sometimes she visited the office as well. [ Read: A Happy #Marriage Is About How Much You Love Each Other ]

Marriage versus Money

Parker had a lot of money, but he wanted more and more. He wanted to expand his business and soon, he expressed his wish to open an office in Sydney, Australia. Obviously, Joanna couldn’t accompany him because of their daughter. Also Joanna was handling the business they had currently where they lived. Parker told Joanna about what he thought and Joanna was reluctant, but didn’t say a word. She gave him full liberty to go to Australia and set up the office, hire manpower and come back. Parker told her that it might take months or even a year, and he would come and visit her every two months. Joanna smiled and said that she would wait. She encouraged him to follow his dream and supported him throughout. She even trained herself completely to handle the local business all by herself. [ Read: This Beautiful #Marriage Proposal will Leave You Envy


Soon Parker left for Australia. He rented an apartment there and started his work for setting up his business. Two months had passed and Parker visited his family once. Everything was going fine. Parker was able to set up his business to some extent by six months. Soon, he started hiring people and had about ten people working for him. He required an assistant. He hired a beautiful girl named Lisa.  Lisa and Parker started getting attracted and soon they became more than friends. Parker told her that he was married and had a daughter. Lisa didn’t seem to mind that. Parker also thought that a casual fling wouldn’t harm anyone. Lisa and Parker started living in together.

Soon six more months passed and Parker didn’t say anything about returning to his family. He kept telling Joanna that his work was keeping him very busy and required more time from him. Joanna kept her patience and got busier with Tia and her business. She handled the entire business without any assistance from Parker. [ Read: Affairs in a #Marriage and the Big Role of Egos in it]

It had been one and a half years since Parker moved to Sydney. Lisa and he stayed together all day, and worked together. Parker was getting suffocated from this. He started missing his home, his daughter and his wife suddenly. Lisa threw tantrums and often nagged him to buy her expensive bags, shoes and jewelry. Lisa treated Parker worse day by day. She often told him that he wasn’t worth anything. Lisa treated him like she was doing him a big favour by being around him. She never cooked; she always said negative things about Parker.

His business in Sydney started suffering. He wasn’t able to focus on anything. He started losing money from his Sydney office and had to shut down operations from the main business. Joanna couldn’t do anything about it, all the money their business made, was paid off to honor the debts that Parker had taken. [ Read: 17 Brilliant Ways to Save Money as a Couple ]

Soon Parker was very frustrated and wanted to get back to Joanna. He realized how much his wife had co-operated that he never felt a slight disturbance in all these years, how much he had supported her and cared for her, how he lost everything, just because of a ‘fling’. His life had become miserable. He closed all the operations he had from Sydney as fast as he could and made arrangements to go back home. Lisa didn’t care much for him after his successive failures. She left him before he could ask her to go.

All the way through the flight, Parker thought what a jerk he had been to his wife. He couldn’t stop cursing himself. He realised that he no longer had the money that he was chasing all along. He reached his home and hugged his daughter. He knew that Joanna knew something was terribly wrong with him for the past year . He sat her down and told her everything. He confessed everything to her.  He told her that he would do a simple job and be happy with his family. He didn’t want anything anymore. Joanna was upset over what had happened but she chose to forgive Parker and took him back as a better man. Parker didn’t run after money anymore, he was happier with less money than he was with more money. He never broke Joanna’s trust again and together they made their marriage work despite the severe setbacks they had been through. [ Read: Make Your Vacation An Everlasting Memory]

Moral: Don’t ever take your spouse or partner for granted just because they are supportive of you and care for you. Money will come and go. Remember that time will not. The time once lost will never come back.  So spend your time wisely, with the ones you love the most.

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