Marital Blues, Here’s How You Can Shoo Them Away


Marital Blues, Here’s How You Can Shoo Them Away

Marital Blues are nothing new or nothing which people are not aware. In every marriage, after those lovey-dovey years are over, and practicality hits hard, both the partners start finding out flaws, that could be called as Marital Blues. And the very first question that comes up is, “Was this the person I had married?” Life seems boring and home made foods no longer fascinates you. You prefer to stay in your office for long and return late at night so that you don’t have to face your partner. Things slowly take a negative turn and couples end up filling up for divorce. The end of a relationship, the end of your marriage.

Marital Blues, Here's How You Can Shoo Them Away

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But, a coin has two sides. If one side is the head, the other side is the tail. But there are always ways to work it out, mend the disputes, and get back the happy moments all over again. There are multiple ways by which you can actually save your marriage and rekindle that old love again.

  1. Communicate 

One of the first signs of marital blues is a lack of communication. You know, talking with your partner can solve greater part of your problems. Sitting or going out and listening to what your partner has to say is the greatest sign of saving your marriage from getting dissolved. Listen and try to understand, don’t start judging him or her through their words. Instead feel why they are saying so.

Marital Blues, Here's How You Can Shoo Them Away

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2. Sex is an important

When was the last time you and your partner spent some moments together? Well, it is understable, with the arrival of kids and so many responsibilities you both get any time together.Office chaos, household chores, everything has taken an important space in your life. Forget everything for a moment and just spend some time together. Sex is an important part of your relationship. It helps to keep that balance and that freshness alive. Make sure you don’t end up being a boring brat or a sleeping slog, just be a tiger and rock the bed.

3. Remember the MIRROR

Why do people feel that with time and years, they actually don’t need to dress themselves up? This is really strange and more than strange it is weird. Dressing up, looking good is something one needs to do for themselves. But in marriage, the opposite happens and this becomes one of the reasons of breakup or divorce. Make that effort you did on your first date or meeting. Dress up, show your partner that you care. Go out with your partner and relive the moments.

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4. You are married to your partner and not your job

Marital Blues, Here's How You Can Shoo Them Away

The caption says it all! Marriage is between two people and not any particular thing or any paid position. Don’t bring your office in your home, neither take your home at your office. The logic is simple and easy. Your family is your priority. If you are not ready for the marriage then don’t go for it for the sake of doing. Giving your job the time is important but your family is the most important part. Spending time with your partner, going out to a dinner, a holiday is really important for a balanced mind. And research says that kissing or hugging your partner before going to work and before going to sleep, is a sign of happy family both in work and in the personal front.

5. Breakup with your daily routine

Take a break from your job and work. Spend time with your partner, go out and have lunch together. Plan a movie outing together, and ignore all your files, mobile, and laptops. Laugh and walk hand in hand, enjoy the day and feel the night. Soak the feeling of togetherness in you and revive the lost love.

6. Share your work

Marital Blues, Here's How You Can Shoo Them Away

Sharing the load of work between you and your partner is an amazing idea to avoid conflicts. Starting from cleaning the toilet to shopping the monthly groceries, plan and share your work. Make it a habit to help your spouse every alternative. You can also surprise them by showcasing your special cooking skills. Do it and see the results yourself.

7. A sudden in-house dinner date

Add the surprise element also and see the magic. Decorate the room with memories from the past like photographs, lights and of-course the wine. Make or order your partner’s favourite food and seal the moment. Talk about the old times, avoid the butter memories and think about the days when love was the best. Pick up some games or even play something to make it even more jovial.

Here were few ideas to save your married life from the so called #marital blues. So, without much delay just go and apply them. Make memories, not differences. Create happiness, not fights. Seize moments, not life.