M for Man, M for Mood Swings!


 M for Man, M for Mood Swings!

Since childhood we are taught that the males are THE MAN OF THE HOUSE and the females are the one’s who keeps THE HOUSE TOGETHER! Men are the one’s who are there to protect us from all the odd’s, they are the bread earners, but do you know that even they go through these sudden outbursts of mood swings?? Even they feel vulnerable and emotionally unavailable at times??

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M for Man, M for Mood Swings

Look out for these signs to understand their sudden emotional outbursts.

1# If he always stays busy with himself:

Be it your birthday or any other specified special day, your man always stays busy with “himself”. He puts himself first all the time, to him his works are first and then you. Yes, your man is really going through an emotionally vulnerable phase of his life. Be with him, don’t leave him or scold him, try to understand him, may be there are some reasons behind such abnormal behaviors.

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2# He speaks rudely with his parents:

His relationship with his parents are really not good. He never invites or remember’s them, neither he talks to them frequently. Before wearing the shoes of a judge, first try to go deep and know the reason behind such rude relationship. It might happen that some incident from the past has made him like this. Even, he might have seen his parents fighting with each other, or something like that, which had left an impact on him.

3# To him relationships are like waste of time and money both:

Its always YOU who feels the romantic vibes, your husband/boy-friend is too reluctant to feel that way. To him, buying flowers or hugging each other or even going for a dinner, seems unrealistic and impractical.

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4# He gets scared when asked about children:

The word “Family” is not in his dictionary. Having kids is like a nightmare to him, he loves his freedom like anything and consider’s kids as the end to his freedom.


He considers himself superior than everybody, he feels good when he insults people.

6# He never consoles you:

Even if you’re crying, his reaction is pale and cool. In short, he avoids it. He is never there to encourage you when you are emotionally drenched or feeling low. To him, these things are like “FOOLISH and WASTE OF TIME”.

7# No friends:

He is that lonely ape in this planet, who never goes for a social gathering nor to any family get together. Actually, who wants to be friend with a person who doesn’t care about anyone except HIMSELF.??

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8# He never says “I LOVE YOU” or ” I AM SORRY”:

She- “I love you”

He- “Yeah”

This happens each time you try to be cozy or confess your love to him and he replies vaguely. He is not even there to hold you up when you are sad or say sorry SORRY. No matter what you feel or how sad you feel, he will never stoop down and calm you down.

Being in a relationship means two body one soul. Both should be there with each other, guiding each other, taking care for each other. One sided love never survives! So, if anytime in your life, if you face any such situations, try to solve it as far as you can, but never entertain those who never respects your approach or support.