Are You With A Man Who Actually Respects You


Are You With A Man Who Actually Respects You

“My man respects my decision. This is the reason we are still great buddies before being husband and wife!”. You must have been thinking that how come on earth it can be true?? Well, yes it can be true, infact it is true, there are men like him who understands the word respect and never considers it just another word in the DICTIONARY. And thus comes the question that, are you, with a man who respects you??

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Are You With A Man Who Actually Respects You

#Does he treats you more like a doormat or like his responsibility

Well, a doormat is used for dusting the dirt off from your shoes, and if your man treats you like a just another option where he uses you to satisfy or dust off his desires, I believe you are not at all in a respectful relationship with your man. It is time to wake up and take your stand!

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#Does he introduces you to his family as someone special or just ignores the topic

A man who loves and respects his lady will introduce her to his family as soon as he gets the security. Even if he is unsure or is not ready for it, he would not ignore this topic. He would ask for time from you but will definitely not ignore it.

#Does he listens and understands your vices

Being a man is easy, but being a gentleman is not at all a difficult responsibility unless he is a coward. Being a coward he will always try to dominate and control his lady, be it his own fault or done by mistake, a coward man will never understand the word respect. To him, his word is the final verdict cause he knows only one thing and that is “BEING A COWARD”.

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#Does he ignores you all the time

The best way to understand whether your man respects your or not is by noticing his behavior towards you. If he ignores each of your calls every time he is with his friends or family, there is something definitely wrong going on behind the scene. Being busy is not bad, but, using it as an option to ignore your partner is not good.

#Does he avoid taking you to parties or any kind of social gathering

Taking your girl to social gatherings and introducing her to your friends is full of excitement and not a matter of shame. We are not telling you to take your girlfriend everywhere you go, but taking her to some parties or gatherings is a must for any couple. I mean, we also want to get introduced to your friends, know them, don’t we?

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#Does he answers or talks to you rudely

If your man talks or replies you rudely, if he answers every call of yours in a harsh tone, his behavior clearly shows how well he #respects you.We understand your work pressure, we understand that you have to work day and night, but replying or being rude, does this solves your problem?? When you can say it politely why being rude or throw an unacceptable attitude?? Why??

Are You With A Man Who Actually Respects You

Being your partner, we only want that little amount of respect we deserve. We are not begging it from you neither we are pleading for it, it is our right, our right to get respect and love. Why would you treat us like your office papers??  We are simple, your activities and habits make us complicated. Have you ever thought how we feel when you ignore us and deceive us every time?? We feel devastated cause our emotions break, our strength which helps us to continue this relationship shatters into pieces. And those pieces, those shattered pieces reflects our broken emotions. Don’t do this, if you can’t respect us, don’t break us. We are strong, yes we are, but still, deep inside our heart cries, we don’t show but we feel broken too.