5 Things That Makes Men Fall For You Instantly


5 Things That Makes Men Fall For You Instantly

Everything has their own laws and protocols. Similarly, even men have their list of criteria’s which they find attractive in women! Before you land into any conclusion, let me make it very clear that the list is really simple but we tend to overlook those with the due course of time we overlook those. So, don’t do that if you want your man to not get choked by your presence!

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5 Things That Makes Men Fall For You Instantly -likelovequotes

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#1. Don’t get on their nerves..err..

Have time for your own self, avoid being available all the time! Like, replying as soon as he texts, should be stopped. Men prefer those who have their little world outside. They admire women with independence and a life of their own. Increase your value, decrease your availability. In short, don’t  get on their own nerves!

#2. The adrenaline rush..WHOOSHHHH

How hard we fall for Tony Stark each time he wears his IRON MAN dress and embarks on the journey to save the world! Or, somebody more hunky like Chris Hemsworth or THOR. Something flies in our heart and stings us so badly that we fall hard for them. Similar goes with the #men, they too fall for someone who loves to ride bikes, go for snorkeling, or anything that gives that adrenaline rush!

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#3. Somebody who speaks their own mind

Take your stand and speak your mind! Instead of just walking the footsteps of how your man wants you to looks “CUTE and ADORABLE” at the beginning. But, in the long run, these cute points becomes the reason for BREAKUP. Prevent your relationship before it gets sour. Never lose your dignity, your identity and always be fearless in expressing your emotions.

#4. Intimacy

Sex is beautiful. When you open up in front of the person you trust or you want to be forever, the feeling is highly emotional. When you hug each other, kiss each other, you actually exchange those unsaid emotions. Heart to heart connection starts working. Intimacy is the adhesive that binds the relationship stronger and stronger. Sharing one secret feeling, intimacy allows you to listen to your partner even when they are miles apart. And #men loves to experience wild and emotional sex.

#5.Compliment him

#Men love compliments, especially when it comes from their lady love. What can be more exciting that this! So, do compliment your man from time to time. For this, you must be a good listener and understanding too. Listen to what your partner has to say and understand how to reply. Avoid giving flat compliments and say something more classy that defines him. Comment on his perfume, look closely for his new shave or beard style, etc. Be an eagle (Wink Wink).

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5 Things That Makes Men Fall For You Instantly

All in all, you have to be someone you personally love to be. Giving time and giving space are equally important, don’t lose your identity in the hope of giving your relationship an identity. Be an independent bird and continue enjoying your life you did earlier but do give your love life the required time.