Make Your Vacation An Everlasting Memory


Make Your Vacation An Everlasting Memory..

Vacations are the only space where you can be yourself and relax to the fullest. An everlasting pages of memories pops up whenever we look back at it, but, why not spend the vacation in a different way?? Why not ditch the age old concept of going to a place, staying in a posh hotel, etc etc and try adopt the culture of that particular place instead.. Baffled?? Let me sort it out with the points mentioned below.

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Make Your Vacation An Everlasting Memory

1/Make it more like a travelogue:

Famous travel writers and authors have said that the best way to enjoy a particular place is to avoid posh hotels and getting involved with the local atmosphere. If you read it twice you’ll understand how true the meaning is. The real fun begins when you explore the place, when you invest that extra amount in acknowledging the hidden corners of that particular place. Enjoy the local foods, talk with the local people there, try out some famous sports or dance form (If Any) of that place, spend a night under the open sky, make the stars and moon the witness your special moment. And believe me, nothing can be more intimate than this.

Quick tip: One of the best way to know your partner’s likes, dislikes and also his character. Try it out!

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2/Try Something Adventurous:

Adventure will surely make your holiday an everlasting one! Go for something like Snorkeling.  Well, one should know swimming to try this breath taking sport of water diving. But that doesn’t mean that non-swimmers won’t get the chance to experience this everlasting memory, NO! There are many places where they teach or guide non-swimmers instantly to snorkel or go deep (NOT SO DEEP) inside the sea. So, grab your backpack, hold your partner’s hand and get going for this bewitching and amorous journey.

3/Enjoy the mountains and valleys:

Enough of booking a flight and going to a destination! Why not hiring a car or even HIKING. Yes, go for an undecided journey with your partner. Pack you bag, take the needed essentials and get ready to enjoy the valley’s and the corners of the place. Trust me, after returning you would never even think of going to a place for vacations via flight or train. What’s the best way to know your partner than this??

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4/Make love in the AIR:

Make the winds the witness of your everlasting moments, go for SKYDIVING. Be adventurous this year and give it a shot. Just imagine, you and your partner with the winds at your back flying in the air, holding or not holding hands, how romantic! Don’t panic, you’ll always be followed by professionals during such sports. So, don’t  panic at the name of something like skydiving or snorkeling.

5/Lock yourself with your partner:

Not filling like going anywhere?? Feeling like HOME SWEET HOME?? No issues, we have solution for that too.

  • Switch off your phones, leave your laptop and work behind for a day or a week
  • Stuff your fridge with some yummy lip-smacking tasty delicious foods
  • Take one corner of your house and re-decorate into a small camp side bed room or something like that. Give it a felling that you are enjoying somewhere in the mountains and not your home.
  • Off-course movies, good one’s. Try to see those films, which you couldn’t watch due to heavy schedule.

Have fun, dance, party, have sex and anything you both want to do this vacation. Just be together and be yourself.

6/Last but surely not the least:

Something some like an abandoned hotel or flat, go for ghost-hunting inside them. Please don;t go over the board, be slow and be at your limitations. Notice the place, how different it is from our daily flats we live in, write a nice story (BOTH THE PARTNERS) and then, read it out or share with your friends. See who get’s the most likes and praises. You never know, your life might take a heavy turn after this. Have fun!

Make Your Vacation An Everlasting Memory

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Go for it! Go for the vacations in a different way, make it a moment to know each other more deeply and as i always say LOVE WILL FIND THE WAY….