Make a Promise to Avoid Break-up!


Make a Promise to Avoid Break-up!

Never make a promise when you are over joyed

Never take a decision when you are angry or sad.

The above two lines has deep meaning if you think closely. When was the last time you both sat down for a heavy talk?? When was the last time you used communication as the tool to sort out the differences?? Might be ages ago!

Make a Promise to Avoid Break-up!

Now you are so pissed off, that you both have decided for a break-up. Wow! Clap clap.

Just calm down and think, is break-up the ultimate decision?? Will it solve all your problems?? NO! It won’t and instead will make you even more psychologically unavailable. So, take that first step and  promise yourself to avoid break-up. How??  Follow the advice’s below.

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1/ Use your brain along with your heart:

Why it happens that when it comes to relationship we forget to use our brain?? God gave us for a purpose and we should know how to utilize it. Yes, I agree that the regular fights and tiffs are getting on your nerves, but calm yourself down and use your brain. Ask yourself few questions

  • Is it really necessary to end this relationship??
  • Does your partner wants this??
  • Will YOU be happy after this??

Answer all these questions without a break. Use your heart and brain to seek the solutions.

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2/Ask yourself more questions:

Be honest and answer the question:

  • Is it you or your partner who is responsible for the negative vibes??

My point is, fights never happens without the consent of the other partner. So, be calm and reconsider your thinking. Try to find out why this happened. What was the reason behind it. Is your partner really not ready to understand your point or you are becoming extra vulnerable with your emotions?? AVOID EGO and deal with the situation with peace  PLEASE.

3/ Think about the old times:

Before standing up and voicing your opinion, think about those beautiful past years you had with your partner. How beautifully you both used to handle such fights, how calmly you both used to sort out your issues. What has happened now that you guys are heading for break-up. Where is that love which once blossomed like a beautiful flower?? This is life and it has ups and downs, we just have to deal with them correctly.

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4/ Try to talk:

Keep your phone’s and laptop aside, and sit down for a serious conversation. Don’t stop the conversation unless it reaches to a conclusion. Try to avoid being cranky,be gentle, apologize if needed, open up, cry out all your issues, all those unsaid thoughts you had and feel free. But yes, both of you have to listen to each other. When one is talking and clearing out his point, the other should not interrupt and vice versa. Be gentle, be a good listener and above all be honest with your feelings.

5/Think what is the issue exactly:

At times what happens is, we tend to mix up all the issues during such fights (BREAK-UP FIGHTS). From office issues to our house hold halos, we put everything into that fight. In short, we become so much obsessed with the concept of BREAK UP and I AM RIGHT and YOU ARE WRONG, that we almost forget what we are exactly fighting on. So, take a break, breath deep and use your brain.

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6/Give time to both of you:

Being in a relationship doesn’t mean one looses his/her own freedom or space. Learn to give space, learn to allow them to have a moment with themselves. They too have a world of their own, their friends, be gentle and allow them to live their world.

7/Never repeat the same mistake:

Yes! Be a human being and promise not to repeat the same mistake again. And, if the next time there is a fight, promise to sort it out by communicating. Learn to keep your promises and start it all from the beginning. A fresh new journey with new vibes.

Make a Promise to Avoid Break-up!


8/ Avoid third party:

And please, avoid any kind of THIRD PARTY INTERFERENCE. Always remember one thing, you know your partner more than anybody else in this world. Never ever share your personal fights with the rest of the world, they are only their to add fuel to it, I am a personal victim of such THIRD PARTY  INTERFERENCE experience and that’s why I can assure you that leaving your friends and family, anybody out there is only there to fuel up your decision of breaking up.

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 Keep the above mentioned points in mind and learn to follow them each time there is a turmoil.It’s very easy to end a particular relationship, but it takes a lot of courage and heart to avoid break-up and rekindle that lost spark. So be brave and promise yourself that , no matter what happens you would never go for break-up.

And as I always say LOVE WILL FIND THE WAY..