Your Majesty Breakup With Dignity


Your Majesty, Breakup With Dignity

Your Majesty is it true that your idealized romantic relationship is coming to an end?? We are extremely sorry for the loss, but did you know that you could end this reluctant phase of your life with utmost pride and dignity?? Yes! I am speaking the truth, so

keep your head high

and walk the ramp with pride,

All you need is some good vibe.

“Now how can you end something with dignity?? Is it really possible?? And that too a relationship??” asked the princess

“Of course your Majesty. You just need to follow our sayings and act accordingly”.

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Your Majesty Breakup With Dignity

1/Avoid asking too many questions

“Is the problem me??”

“Am I behaving very introvertly??”

Stop! Don’t drag the situation beyond your gratitude. Breaking up is a part of every relationship and sometimes it’s good to take a break from each other. Just to give each other the needed time to unwind their mind. And above all, do what your heart says but keeping your brain working. Stay calm my Majesty.

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2/ Avoid the barter system theory

She- “I am breaking up cause you don’t give me time”

He- “Oh really?? I don’t give time?? Well, don’t you think you spend too much time with your friends”

Stop it! Your relationship is coming to an end and please accept it as fast as you can. This is just a step to avoid negativity and bring in positivity. Carry your own weight and avoid dragging it beyond your limitations.

3/Be wise

So by now you have dealt with the breakup thing wisely. From avoiding fights and ending it in just one or two conversations, to even not arguing to defend yourself, bravo Charlie. You have earned the respect wisely. Now just wait for his reaction. They never expected you to behave like this. I mean so calmly!Not at all. And also be ready to get back some return answers like, “So you accept it was your fault” or something more annoying like “You know if you could have been more gentle then…”, accept those words with ease. Reply them something like “Yes you are right, we should separate”.

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They are burning inside as you’ve not taken the issue a bit further where they would have turned a deaf ear to your pleas like, “Please one more chance”. Bravo.

4/ Get ready for some outside gossips

We all know that more than us, our neighbour or our so called samaritan friends are concerned about our breakup. So, gear up for those comments like, “Hey I think you should have given each other more time”“He was not the one for you” and also some shocking comments like, “I heard you were crying like a dog yesterday”, which is not true at all. And this gossip came from none other than your so called PARTNER. Obviously to guard his precious lions he had to lie a bit. But you be calm my Majesty, have your popcorn and smile it away. You know the truth and one day, things will be clear. Just don’t keep waiting for it, leave it as it is and move ahead. Life is big, so many things to do.

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Deep inside you know very well how difficult it was for you to act so normally. Take a leave from your daily schedule, leave your phone, laptop and spend some time with yourself. For the last time, remember why it didn’t work out, cry your feelings out, curse him for the last and final time. And most importantly, delete him from your life completely. If you had survived the pre-breakup phase, I am sure your heart can survive the post-breakup part too. Just relax and avoid doing foolish kinds of stuff like, calling him purposely and then saying it was by mistake, avoid such steps.

Your Majesty Breakup With Dignity

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You took the right decision by breaking up, in fact, it is your life and if your partner doesn’t respect you, you have the right to walk away from that relationship with your head held high. Don’t cry or lose your self-value, hold your virtues high and walk with gratitude. Let your partner think whatever he wants to think about you, just do what you feel is right. The right man will always accept you and understand your flaws. He will try to rectify those patiently and not just walk away.