Loving Your Family

Loving Your Family

Why is it that those closest to us often get the worst of us? Why is it that we seek to make a great impression on our peers, our co-workers, or someone is a supermarket we’ll never see again, while we sometimes make very little effort to put our best foot forward with our own flesh and blood?  [ Read: 15 Happy #Family Quotes and Sayings ]

Loving Your Family
By: Jessica Rankins (member of LikeLoveQuotes.com)

I have a grandmother who went by dear. About six years ago, she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. As a result she had to leave her home in Alabama to come live with our family out here. I was very distant from her and kept to myself. Partially due to the fact that I had never been around someone with Alzheimer’s, as well as the fact that I just wanted to do my own thing and keep to myself. My grandmother, even in all of her fragility and her failing memory still tried to reach out to me. She would ask me my name several times a day and try to start conversation. [ Read: Best Quotes On #Family Relations For Better Bonding ]

When she would say, “Good morning.” I would respond in a voice that was barely audible and not even care if she thought I did not respond at all. If you had asked anyone else who knew me like my pastor, classmates, or friends what they thought of me, many of them would say, “Jessica is one of the sweetest people I know.” My grandmother on the other hand told my mother, “Everyone here has been nice to me except Jessica.” Occasionally I put on a pretence of kindness, but for the most part I remained distant.  [ Read: 7 Reasons why #family rules are important ]

A few months ago, I got the news my grandmother had died. At first it did not really affect me. However, what really struck a nerve with me was realizing that my grandmother’s mind was too deteriorated to remember when I was younger and kinder towards her. Her last experiences of me involved being shunned and treated like a burden. I had so much regret for not getting closer to her in her final moments. However, the chance to make it up to her was gone.  [ Read: Daughter Writes an Open Letter to Her Parents Before Her Wedding ]

As cliché as it may sound, love your family and recognize what they mean to you while you still can. Having a good reputation of being a kind person with your acquaintances or peers pales in comparison to knowing you made those closest to you feel loved during their lifetime. It is great to want to spread love to others, but be careful not to neglect to show genuine love to those right in front of you.

Written by: Jessica Rankins