Loved or Deceived: Know how.


Loved or Deceived: Know how.

Never judge a girl by her looks! You never know what lies behind her childlike face. Know whether you’re being deceived or loved and play it safe this time. Before falling madly or loving someone with all your love and life, be a bit sure that she loves you too with all her soul.

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Loved or Deceived: Know how.

1/ If she asks for PRIVACY or SPACE all the time:

Having a different world or privacy is respected by all, but if your girlfriend asks for privacy or space each time you come closer to her, then it’s better you rattle your brain and open your eyes. She is definitely hiding something from you. Try to know before it’s too late. And yes please don’t fall prey to their activities.

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2/She never introduces YOU as her BOYFRIEND:

Her friend knows you just as another friend in her life, whenever she meets any of her friends she introduces you as her friend or more funnily as her cousin. This is a wake-up call for you. I mean, if she truly loved you she would have boasted about how you both meet and what was your story, but instead, she takes a different route by introducing YOU as her cousin, friend, or just a neighbor.

3/She behaves like you both are friend:

Whenever you both hold hands, hug each other, she  refracts back by uttering those famous words ” Its too early and we are just good friends you know”. And on the other hands becomes busy with her phone instantly. You are being deceived badly because any girlfriend would definitely love to hug her boyfriend or hold his hands, and most importantly not act as a friend during such situations. They would love to spend time together and not shy away from it.

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4/She uses YOU in may ways:

Now what to say about this! YOU are her ATM card and ultimate person to pay her costly bills. And if one day you say you can’t accompany her, she uses her famous EMOTIONAL weapon, her TEARS to mold you. She dominates you every phase and loves to be the last word in the relationship. She calls you according to her needs, according to her will and not by your choice.

5/She never stands by your side during YOUR emotional journey:

Have you ever noticed how she behaves when you talk about your problems?? Does she tends to run away or ignore the topic each time you try to share something emotional?? This is because she is attached to you only monetarily or physically and not emotionally. A real lover will be by your side even during your bad times. But this girl has no emotions for your sad face, to her it’s all about feeling good about herself, your patience during her problems and always HER HER life.

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6/She hides her phone or texts:

She can check your phone or can question you about your chats, but when it comes to her phone and if you ask her who she is talking to, her reply comes “You don’t trust me and I don’t want to stay with you”, believe me, this girl is not at all an easy one to go with. She has other boyfriends too and fears that it would get exposed. And if by chance you catch her with her other boyfriend, she comes up to you saying “Trust me it was him and not me” or something like “Baby I love you but last night as I was drunk I couldn’t control myself and slept with XYZ” , please stay away from such girls. They are only there to use you according to their needs.

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Loved or Deceived: Know how.

I know it’s not all easy for you to go through any of the mentioned points, but getting hurt or getting deceived is much worse than this. So before giving your heart and soul to any girl, know whether she loves you the same way you love her. Never waste your time, money and emotions on these cheap and selfish girls, you deserve the best and best is waiting for you.