Love Online and How We Fell for One Another

Love Online and How We Fell for One Another

Emily was an avid user of the internet. She loved surfing through websites, social networking and meeting new people online. She lived alone and had started working in a nearby advertising firm. She liked her job and also had some friends at work. Emily looked average and was well-natured. She was quite addicted to the internet. She went online on Facebook to play pool or chat with random people. She didn’t upload her pictures on Facebook. She was quite conscious about her looks. [ Read: 8 Ways to become socially more active ]

Love Online and How We Fell for One Another

One day, she received a friend request from a guy called Oliver. He had numerous pictures on his wall. He looked handsome. She added him. They started chatting. Oliver was really funny and Emily started enjoying his company. Every evening after getting back from work, she would login to the internet and wait for Oliver to message her. This became a routine for almost a month. Oliver lived in a different city with his roommates. Emily was attracted towards Oliver. Oliver often asked for her picture, but Emily always escaped it quoting some reason or the other.

Then one night, Emily gathered some courage and edited her picture using a photo editor online. The picture had become a bit blurry and her face couldn’t be made out clearly. She shared that picture with Oliver. Oliver thought that at least she has shown a glimpse of her. Very soon, she might open up more. He couldn’t make anything out but said that she looked nice. [ Read: 10 Exciting Ways To Find Missed Connection


Emily started liking Oliver even more. She wanted to confess her love to him. She told him that day, that she really liked him a lot. Oliver said that he thinks she is great but probably she is not pretty enough and that is why she was hiding her picture. He said that it’s better if they stop talking. He was looking for a smart girl who is more upfront than she is. Emily was heart-broken. She hated what Oliver said and yet thought that he is right, she isn’t pretty enough. They both stopped talking. Oliver had removed Emily from his friend list. Emily was still recovering from the online addiction she had of Oliver.

That incident kept her away from the internet. Every time she thought of going online, the memory of Oliver came rushing by and she refrained.  She started reading or working after getting back home. She spent time with her friends. She indulged in cooking. She enjoyed the weekends at the gym or a spa with her friends. Soon, a year passed and she was happy in her life. She was doing well. She had temporarily forgotten about the heart break she had. Emily had been promoted to the senior executive in her firm. She had a close circle of friends. [ Read:My Best and Wonderful Soul-mate – Story ]

One day while she was working out at the gym, she saw someone familiar staring at her. She noticed keenly and saw that it was none other than Oliver! She couldn’t believe her eyes. She didn’t want to talk to him. She kept ignoring him. Every day while Emily worked out, Oliver was there too in that gym. By now, she didn’t care about his presence. Oliver on the other hand always saw her and wanted to speak to her.

One day while Emily was walking on the treadmill, Oliver took the chance and started walking on the treadmill next to her. He smiled at her and told that his name was Oliver. Emily smiled back and walked off. She didn’t go to the gym after that incident for several days. [ Read: Cute Short Romantic Love Story Every Couple Must Read ]

She thought that his presence shouldn’t bother her and after all, it was her favorite gym. She went there the next day and before even beginning to work out, Oliver approached her. He asked her where she had been so long. Emily lied that she had an official tour. Oliver said that he was new in the city and maybe she could show him around someday. Emily smiled and said okay. Oliver asked her, “By the way, what is your name?” She said, “Emily”. Oliver couldn’t believe his ears. He realized that it was none other than the Emily he had met on Facebook. He apologized instantly and said that she looks amazing. Emily thanked him and said that because of him, she got rid of her online addiction, which served her well. Oliver was glad and told her that, “I hope you still believe in online love though?” They both laughed and walked away together. [ Read: Difference Between Love and Marriage Explained [ In A Short Story ] ]

Moral: Don’t be too self critical. Maybe you are better than what you think of yourself. Let others know you and decide what they feel for you, rather than you presuming things. Also, don’t assume that if a person is not open about things, he is ugly or pathetic. Maybe he is sensitive or shy by nature.