Is it Love or Lust? Tips to Identify the Difference .


Is it Love or Lust? Tips to Identify the Difference.

L for ‘Love’ and L for ‘Lust’, have you ever wondered how important are these four letter words? There is a thin line which separates each of them. Love too have different stages. When we fall in love we first get attracted to someone, then a liking develops for him. Slowly and gradually we get to realize that it is something more than that. This something is nothing but Infatuation. Infatuation may turn into Love. But Is it really Love? This is because at times we do get the feeling we love the person. Later, a realization clears the doubt that we were confusing mere Lust with Love.  Let’s Find out the difference.

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Is it Love or Lust Tips to Identify the Difference-likelovequotes

Difference: Love Or Lust…

There is a vast difference between both them. To explain the difference in simple terms it can be said that Love is when we fall in love with the soul of a person. On the other hand lust is when we fall in love with the looks or the outer appearance of a person. The former is PERMANENT and the latter is TEMPORARY. Love is something which never Fades away rather it grows with every passing day.

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Moreover, Love is when you crave for the Time, Togetherness rather than other trivial things. If you crave for making love to them always, it is not love but lust. We should learn to differentiate between the two. Nothing is more precious than just the presence of your partner. It is definitely love when you care for each others comforts. Hence, it is said that love makes you realize that your needs, problems automatically becomes secondary to you. It is your partners wishes, choices and desires which takes the center in your life.

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The difference between these four letters is thin. Love is when you fall for the nature, the attitude, and the beliefs of the person. It has nothing to do with looks. We should never judge a person simply by his looks. This is because Beauty Fades away with time. The feeling of love is strong and has the capacity to change the person from within.

Thus, Lust is nothing but a short lived kind of liking which we have for someone. This feeling which we develop for someone is considered to be inferior. To identify the difference you need to notice small changes in your partner. He is not in love with you if he treats you like a sex object. Therefore, Love is hard to find in this world.