Love Isn’t Supposed To Be Easy


Love Isn’t Supposed To Be Easy

Love Isn’t Supposed To Be Easy, It’s Supposed To Be Worth It. You gotta fight for it, instead of expecting it to happen on it’s own all of a sudden. You must realize the fact that nothing worth having is ever easy, it requires continuous effort from both partners, if not, it’s gonna crumble any time soon. Learn to love yourself, Reasons to Love Yourself Before Falling in Love learn to realize your own worth, only then you will not settle for anything less, you should not settle for it, unless it’s worth a life time. Love isn’t easy like a piece of cake, it isn’t meant to be easy. It needs to pair you with someone who will never let go of you, you need to find someone who will hold on to you no matter what, not someone who will be careless when they are given a heart to lock with their own. Always remember, love isn’t supposed to be easy, it’s supposed to be worth it.

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Love Isn't Supposed To Be Easy, It's Supposed To Be Worth It-likelovequotes

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