Love is always Worth a Try and Here are the Reasons Why

Love is always Worth a Try and Here are the Reasons Why

Some people are skeptical about the idea of falling in love as they feel they might get hurt in the process. Then, there are some who are contemplating breaking free of a relationship which, they feel, is withering away. You should be brave enough to take the first step and let things take their own course.

Love Is Always Worth A Try And Here Are The Reasons Why

Here are a few reasons why you should not stop looking for love or give up on a relationship.

  1. Curbs loneliness

Even though you have a bunch of friends, you feel lonely as you don’t have that one person whom you can share your innermost emotions with. Worse, you don’t have friends. It’s time to bid adieu to your single status and start looking for love. [ Check out: If You Can’t Stop Doing These 10 Things, You’re


  1. Gives you a reason to smile

You have a partner who always does something to feel special. From buying gifts you sending sweet text messages, s/he always does something that makes you smile. When you are going through a rough day at office, s/he calls you up and you get cheered up in no time. [ Also read: 5 Reasons Why Men Quit You ]

  1. Discuss life

The time that you spend with your friends is filled with laughter, jokes and lots of food. You barely have any conversation that has an iota of seriousness or intellect in it. With your partner, apart from doing all the fun stuff, you discuss the important things. You consult him/her before taking important decisions and get some good advice on various matters concerning your life.

  1. Watch your favorite movies

If you are a guy and your favorite genre of cinema is romance, you are bound to keep that as a secret from your friends. Unless, of course, you don’t mind all the ridicule that comes your way post your confession. But, if your partner has interests similar to those of you, you don’t need to hide anything from him/her and can watch your favorite movie together.

  1. Meet more people

Your partner will introduce you to his/her friends which will lead towards widening of your social circle. For all you know, your partner’s friends may, eventually, your closest friends. The more the merrier, as they say.

  1. Do constructive things

There are certain activities which you like doing but often fail to find someone who could accompany you for the same. You can play indoor games, make a clay doll or just doodle on a piece of paper. Your partner is up for anything that you want to do.

  1. There is always someone looking out for you

Your friends lead a busy life and are not always there for you when you need them. If you are in a serious relationship, then there are high chances of your partner being concerned about you all the time. S/he will always look out for you to check whether you are doing alright or not.

  1. Random gifts

Even if you are not someone who is fond of materialistic possessions, gifts do make you happy. And, your partner selects just the right stuff for you. S/he gifts you things which would be useful to you and there are some random surprises thrown in the form of a rose or a chocolate bar that makes you happy.

  1. Romantic dates

You hang out with your friends all the time but being out on a date with your partner is a different ball game altogether. While your meetings with friends consist of random conversations and play station games, a date is a formal outing. You have great conversations and exchange romantic gestures over sumptuous food. There are several other ways in which you can have a date. The bottom line is that a date is special and you will know when you go out on one.

  1. Be yourself

When you are in a group of friends, you have to conform to certain norms and pretend to have some similarities with your friends even if you have none. With a partner, you can be yourself without any pretenses whatsoever. Choose your partner wisely as s/he should be someone who would respect you for what you are. [ Read here: 22 Things To Never Do After A Breakup ]

Nothing, in life, comes with a guarantee. Being in a relationship has its share of perks and drawbacks . To know whether being in a relationship works for you or not, you should try being in one first. If you are in a relationship which is going through a rough patch, try to work out the issues. If a relationship leads to heartbreak, it will make you stronger and wiser. You will become adept at handling relationships. Try, that’s the keyword.