Loud Sex: Signs That Shows She Is Faking It


Loud Sex: Signs That Shows She Is Faking It

Are you hunting signs that shows your girlfriend is Faking it? Are you perplexed about the fact that girls do really enjoy loud sex? Is your girlfriend really loving it? Hunting Signs that shows Is she Faking it? Often it seen that men get confused while making love to their girl about the fact that how she might be feeling about it. Loud sex can confusing because you too can’t figure out that what you are doing to them is giving her pleasure or she is really faking it a big ”O.” Due to this reason LikeLoveQuotes.com brings to you some of the Signs of Loud Sex that will show She is Just Faking it.

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Loud Sex: Signs That Shows She Is Faking It

Lets Look out for the signs that will give you a hint that she Faking it and not Loving it.

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When she acts Playful:
Pretense can be the right word to use here. Women can easily fake their emotions and when it comes to having a good sex they use their talent there too. She can be too calculative in such situations. If you find her sighs and moans harmonized it is a clear sign she is faking it. This is because one cannot fake the bliss they feel when you make love to them. Random sounds and going breathlessness are true signs that they are feeling it.

Strange Behavior:
Her behaving strange soon after you finish making love to her is a sign she is faking. There are many chances that girl may not have liked certain moves or actions of making love to her. Due to this reason she may start behaving strange to you.

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Yes! you read it right ‘Planned’ if you doubt that her every sound that she make while you both are busy making love to one another. She is definitely faking it out. May be her watching Porn movies have made her so perfect in faking her feelings.

Wonder Struck:
If your girl is loud while you have sex with her does not prove that she is loving all that you are doing to her. Many times it is seen that girls go extra loud trying to show that they are loving it completely. But if their excessive pleasure makes you think as to what made them go so loud. It is a sure sign that your girl is a Perfect Actor to fake it all.

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An Awkward Smile:
When all the pleasure seeking process is over between you both and you notice a awkward smile on the face of the girl, it simply means that she has successfully faked her performance in the bed while you were making love to her.

No Eye Contact:
You make think that you and your girl have rocked the bed but the reality could be something very different. Therefore, if you want to know the reality, you just need to make a eye contact with your girl. If she hesitate to make a eye contact with you it proves that she was faking all the time while you were making love to her.

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Thus, these signs will help you find out whether your Girlfriend is Faking her Feelings or loving the way you make love to her. You just need to look for small signs and get over the confusion in your mind.