Signs to Know You are In Love


Signs to know You are In Love!

Hey! are you in love?  Have you ever felt like smiling without any reason?? Listening to romantic songs are a must (Even during any party or some kind of reunion), your Facebook and Tumblr are full of LOVE and ROMANTIC quotes?? Congratulations, you are officially in love. Read below to know more about it.

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Signs to know You are In Love

1#The butterfly effect:

Whenever you see him/her you feel like a mouse is jumping in your stomach, your heart beats faster, there are  outburst of mixed emotions.You feel uncontrollable and feel like you’ve never felt before. At one point you feel like going to him/her and  confess your feelings,  but then you stop yourself and step backward. GREAT CONFUSION with NO SOLUTION..

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2#You like to talk about them every-time:

“You know she/he loves retro music” “My goodness, he/she was looking so dapper in that black outfit last night” ,  yes, we know you like him/her a lot, you miss them each and every second. Why don’t you just go and confess your feelings?? If this is not love, then what is it??

3#You plan sudden surprises for that special someone:

You don’t  need any occasion to surprise him/her. Him/her’s smile is everything for you,  saving that extra bucks just to make her feel special. But, still you’ll stand behind the crowd and smile nonchalantly with a deep sigh , because saying those three magical words are really difficult for you.

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4#You feel devastated when they cry or look worried:

 If this happens, MAN YOU ARE SURELY IN LOVE. You stay with them each and every moment , try to make her feel better, try to know what is the reason behind such gloomy face. You call them, talk to them each and every second. In-fact, their happiness is your happiness, you can do anything to make them smile again. But, still you wont accept that you are madly and deeply in love with him/her. 

5#Fulfill their small (FOOLISH) wants or needs:

Starting from “WEAR THIS COLOR TOMORROW” to “I AM FEELING LIKE GOING OUT SOMEWHERE”, you are there to fulfill all their wants and needs. You find their nonsensical wishes cute and do anything to make them come true. Even if it makes you look like a clown. You are ready to be the JOKER OF THE DAY for him/her.

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6#You like when they tease you or your hair:

This might sound weird, but if you give it a close thinking, you can relate to it. Accept it, that when he/she plays with your hair or just tries to tease for no reason, you smile from ear to ear. And still, saying “I LOVE YOU ” is  difficult for you.

7#You share everything with them:

Thy are your best friends, they are your coffee buddies, starting from your office disputes to your childhood memories and also your deadliest fear, you share everything with him/her.  Just to notify you, according to psychology we share our fears and likes only with those whom we trust with all our heart and mind. Accept it, that you are in love with him/her.

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8#You Get JEALOUS :

You just can’t stand when he/she speaks or gets closer with someone else apart from you.You become angry, you feel like smashing that person’s head, you’ll find out all the details about that person,  but still won’t take the initiative to confess your feelings. SO COMPLICATED I TELL YOU.!!

9#You start dreaming your future with them:

A perfect happy family with kids and two dogs, but BREAKING NEWS its just a dream buddy, in reality she/he is still unknown about your feelings.

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10#Still looking for points??

Just go and say those three magical words, confess it that you are madly in love with her/him and want to spend the rest of your life with him/her. Do it before its too late and always remember “LOVE WILL FIND THE WAY”…