Long Distance Relationship: He is Ignoring Me – What to do?

Long Distance Relationship: He is Ignoring Me – What to do?

I am in a long distance relationship. We are living in a half world away from each other. I’m here in Qatar and he is from America. I love him so much but most of the times I felt that he keeps ignoring me. Many times I’ve tried to broke up with him. Last time he cried and said he loves me too. What should I do in our relationship to make it stay strong?

This query was sent to our Facebook page by an user, she is in a long distance relationship that’s trembling apart. We decided to get this published in our page to see what other couples in long distance love would suggest to help this user get back the lost spark in her long distance love. Below mentioned are some fan suggestions that helped the sender with her love life and these tips applies to all couples in long distance relationship.

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Long Distance Relationship He is Ignoring Me - What to do

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1# Coping with the Distance and Emotions are Difficult:

Long distance relationship love affairs are difficult ones! I’m sure he loves you , he is avoiding you or ignoring you, maybe not, there is a possibility that he is not coping very well with the distance and the emotions that he can’t even express to you his frustrations. If you love him, try to understand him and reassure him that you and him being away miles from each other won’t be the reason not to make it happen for real. He is trying to be a man but deep inside he might be a little boy who is scared to be left heartbroken.

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2# Shared Real Life Story:

I’m in a long distance relationship for over a year now and it’s going great. I live in the United States, California and she lives in Tijuana, Mexico it’s not too far to get to her I only need to take one bus and I’ll be over their in 2-4 hours. But it’s hard I only get to see her 2 times a month and when I do go it’s only for 2 days since I work I can’t stay for more than two day. There are days that I get sad that I can’t be with her all the time but what get us thru  is a good communication, we talk everyday and we both know that we love each other. We are already planning on getting married by November. Tomorrow I’m going to go see her and I am planning on surprising her with the engagement ring and asking her to marry me. Long distance relationship can work just that both of you guys need too to put in an effort if not then it’s not worth it.

3# NO King will ignore his Queen!:

He’s ignoring you??? Get RID of him! NO King will ignore his Queen! You’ve tried many times to break it off so that should tell you something! You are insecure in this relationship! Be stronger and shut the door on this impulsive situation. Your heart will thank you later. Clear your mind, is this what you really want? Ignoring is just a phase and slowly he will get away from your life, he cried just to buy time. Will you be the first to leave or he’ll be.. it’s just a matter of time.

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4# Move On:

There is nothing to keep it strong just ignore him change your number and start to date other people or ask him to move or you move but the best thing is leave him your life will be easy trust me move on.

5# Ask Him to be Honest to You:

Why don’t you guys talk with each other, ask him to be honest to you. Because, if he doesn’t really love you, then ask him to let you go. And let him go too, don’t stock each of yourself in a relationship that will never work to achieve the “forever”. Everybody deserves to be happy. I have loved before, we’ve had 3 years communication, we’re too far to each other too I was in the Philippines while he is from the other country. Later someone messaged me that she is my boyfriend’s girlfriend and they’re going to get married, so I let him go, if he’s happy to someone else then go, even it hurts and even its hard to understand the situation just because I love him I let him go, because I want him to be happy and now I have moved on and GOD sent me the right one for me. And now I realized and understand why it happened.

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6# Ask Him to be Honest to You:

You know something is telling him that moving to your end is not possible, why, because he’s going to tell you a whole lot of stories, the nature of his work don’t allow him to go anywhere. So forget about everything move right where he is and see for yourself what he is going to say. Long distance relationship is soo hard but if you both love each other you need to trust, love, being loyal, understanding, and give him time above all put God be at the center of your relationships and it will last. 

6# You Need Better Communication:

You surely need better communication. A long distance is impossible without that and you must let each other know what you are doing always, as much as possible. Without that it is too hard and both of you should agree to break up if one of you can’t do that. It is always a very sad thing though and rough.

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What else do you suggest if she doesn’t love him? Let us know in comments below. Got some questions that needs to be answered? Send it to our Facebook page. Hope this article really helped you, do share it with someone in need.