Long Distance Relationship – Just a Matter of Choice

Long Distance Relationship – Just a Matter of Choice

 Gone are the days, when long distance relationships, were understood as, that you both are not in the same location – city / town. If the distances are larger then also it might be called as long distance relationship. But let’s say, you both are in the same city but again at a distance… (Lucky are the people who get to work in the same office!) Both the mentioned situations equally count for a long distance relationship as. It’s our sheer luck, that now a days we are blessed to have various modes of communications, – calls, messages, emails; to an extent they are free as well – Lucky us ?? otherwise, even being in the same city, working at different Companies, you could get to only catch up one on one on a day off and that too, if you manage your other commitments (family, friends, house chores etc.) equally well and/ or they are not that pressing.

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Long Distance Relationship - Just a Matter of Choice

Any relationship, distant or close requires care and space, it’s as good as nurturing a plant and letting it grow into a beautiful flower. Similarly there has to be space in any relationship, and that space must be respected by both the sides equally. In case the of a long distance relationship (being at a different location), this space increases even more as you are away from each other and the only way to connect could be, emails, phone calls, messages. No doubt – you share a beautiful bond already.

Trust the Time

Trust me, everything requires quality time, for a long distance relationship to materialize into a formal bond and to live happily ever after, as you have had dreamt of; you both first need to learn to live apart. The over concern, anxiety, restlessness or possessiveness per say have to be curbed out and your partner needs to be given out enough space to breath, including, the individuality, thought process, likes-dislikes needs to be given respect. Make the best use of that time when you are apart during your relationship, pick up a hobby or join any course – Invest in yourself and encourage your partner to do so.

Long Distance Relationship

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Look up to a Goal

No 2 people can stay in a long distance relationship forever, eventually everyone needs to settle down. That longing for each other to have dinner together, to walk down your favorite street, do shopping needs to be addressed and to keep that spark alive look, rethink why you choose to be with your partner in the beautiful relationship you have. Understand the person is already waiting to be with you (being at a distance) – don’t make them wait more. Catch up with them, whenever you are in the same city or even at a distance.

Make an Effort

Any job is not easy in today’s era, though we are blessed with hi-tech technology and facilities, yet time runs quickly, so even being in any kind of long distance relationship, whenever you could manage meeting that special one. Understand your professional and romantic goals – make the best use of such a time to make beautiful memories. Drop a text – asking for a cup of coffee, or to catch up on newly released movie, if you happen to be in the same city or catchup up a flight – surprise your partner. It’s not about spending a long vacation together as seen in the movies, or spending a whole day together. Lucky you, if you could do that but focus on the small gestures you make now – they count even more, as they play a vital role in strengthening your relationship into a mature, open and beautiful bond. Your partner feels wanted and their happiness know no bounds.

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These feelings and moments are magical!  Let them make a rainbow and feel those butterflies, coz it is only during your courtship days, you would make beautiful memories to recite to your grandchildren. 🙂

Thus, it’s just a matter of choice of being into a long distance relationship.