A Lonely September – I Miss You


A Lonely September – I Miss You

Guessing what the topic is all about?? Well, no, it’s definitely not about break up. A lonely September is all about a sudden separation from your boyfriend. Might be he went for his studies or for work or even, went to the borders to keep us safe and ensure us a sound sleep. How to deal with that situation?? I mean, dealing with a long distance relationship and a sudden separation from your boyfriend is different. In the first case, you are used to but, in the second one, all of a sudden you have to prepare your heart to be strong and avoid being depressed.

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A Lonely September - I Miss You

1/ Be calm and adjust

These two adjectives should be taken very seriously. Calm your mind, make yourself aware that he has gone for his work or for his studies. He is doing this to establish himself and make a name for himself. Support him, being weak or crying every day will only give you dark circles and unnecessary misconceptions.

A Lonely September - I Miss You

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2/ Never fight on phone

Unless and until the situation has gone beyond your limits, don’t fight with him for silly issues like “Why you replied late” or “Why you have changed you profile picture again”. Like you, he is even missing you. But being a guy he has to keep himself strong and focussed on his work. We know you are missing him, he too knows that being over-emotional will only force him to hide things from you, WHICH YOU DON’T WANT.

3/Be like his friend

Nothing can be more exciting and peaceful  to him. Even after going miles away from you, the friendship is still there. More than you tears he needs your support to survive in that new place. Talk to him like his girlfriend but keep in mind that, he needs a friend too. So, don’t panic if he suddenly accepts some new friend requests. Nothing can take your place in his heart and mind. It has already been booked.

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4/ Distract your mind

Focus on your career, join some online jobs. Give interviews, read books and increase your knowledge of what’s happening around you.Avoid shutting yourself up in your room and be more open to new opportunities. Go for shopping, do some internships to earn your pocket money and surprise your man when he returns. Make him feel proud instead of anxious.

5/ Give that time to each other

After that entire day of hard work, make sure you both have a healthy talk. Share what you did the entire, listen to what he has to say. And, if needed, allow him to spend some me time with himself. Don’t burst out in anger if he suddenly tells you “Hey! Downloaded a new film”, relax. Understand that he is staying away from his family and from you, he has to keep himself busy.

A Lonely September - I Miss You

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6/ Do Yoga regularly

Start it today. Yoga not only helps you to twist your body but also allows you to keep your mind calm and free from those lonely September blues. After a week you will realize how it actually helps your mind to function well. A healthy functional mind will allow you to keep your baseless tensions or worries away. And, also gives you a sexy body. Wow! A sexy body and productive mind, a deadly combination. Your man will definitely become surprised once he returns from his work. Do it for him.

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A Lonely September - I Miss You

So here were 5 important steps to deal with a sudden lonely September. Just know one thing, your man is only your man. Nobody can take your place and above all, he is working hard to earn that name, just to ensure you a happy future. He loves his queen and wants to keep his queen like a queen in real life. To him, going away from you is equally painful, understand him, don’t do anything for which you will regret later. Keep your mind easy and walk the long distance.