Living Together Happily – 10 Cohabitation Tips for Couples

Living Together Happily – 10 Cohabitation Tips for Couples

You decide to move in with your partner after you feel s/he is the one for you. Cohabitation is a healthy trend that helps you spend more time with your partner and get to know him/her better. Sharing the same house will bring both of you closer. Also, you must understand that you both are two different individuals with different attitudes, choices etc. Both of you may not always be on the same page and can have disagreements. You should be mature enough to sort them out and lead a healthy cohabitation and live together happily.

Living Together Happily – 10 Cohabitation Tips for Couples

Here are ten cohabitation tips to live together happily

  1. Share responsibilities

Share the household chores between each other. The responsibilities must be shared equally so that neither of you does not feel overburdened with work. Make a list of all the work that is required to be done on a daily basis and consult your partner while dividing the work. Ask your partner about the kind of chores s/he would be comfortable doing. It is important that both of you remain enthusiastic about taking up responsibilities. [Read: Very Nice Rules Of Love For #Couples


  1. Talk about your preferences

Discuss all the changes that you would like to incorporate in the house you guys will be shifting in. Be vocal about your choices and the way you have envisioned everything. Ask your partner to share his thoughts and find out whether he is okay with your choices. It should be a healthy conversation and should result in a war of words.

  1. Respect each other

Differences are bound to crop up but you must learn to work out your issues amicably. Your partner likes a particular shade of color which you disapprove of and you like listening to punk rock, which she isn’t a huge fan of. You have to respect each other’s likes and dislikes and learn to adjust accordingly. [Read: Double Date with other #couples – Pros and Cons ]

  1. Rules must be followed

There must be some unwritten rules that must be followed by both of you. It is important to adhere to certain principles in order to lead a healthy cohabitation. Do not hesitate to tell your partner if s/he breaks any of the rules and accept your mistake gracefully when you do so.

  1. Maintain your pad

The place where you both will be living in should not be a dirty pigeonhole. It is important that both of you are comfortable in your surroundings and the place caters to your needs. If you have been living at the place for some time now and have invited your partner to join in, then you must make sure to clean up the place. [Read: Meaning of Different Types of Kisses ]

  1. Give each other space

Moving in together does not give you the right to eat into each other’s space. Respect the freedom of your partner and let him/her feel that s/he owns the place as much as you do. Spending time together is great but you must understand there may be times when your partner would like to have some time alone.

  1. Invite your partner’s friends

Your partner should not feel that you have alienated him/her from his/her friends. Invite friends from both your partner and your circle. If possible, invite relatives as well. Make your partner realize that s/he has not lost out on anything by moving in with you and things are as normal as ever. [Read: 5 Reasons never to eye your partner’s best friend ]

  1. Plan things together

Involve your partner in everything that you plan. Be it the next shopping trip, change in furniture; seek his/her approval and advice on everything. Don’t let him/her feel left out in any of the decision or activity. Exchange ideas and finalize the one that works for both of you.

  1. Work out the budget

Plan all the expenses that will be incurred in a particular period and share them together. Don’t insist on paying a bigger share as it would hurt your partner. There should be equal financial responsibilities on both of you. Yes, if your partner is going through a financial crisis, you could make a polite suggestion about helping him/her. Try to be reasonable with the estimations and make sure it comes closer to your expenses. [Read: Marriage versus Money ]

  1. Be the same person

Love your partner the way you used to love him/her earlier. If there is change in your behavior, it should be for the better. Living with your partner will give you more scope to express your feelings. Your relationship should blossom, and not wither away, in this setup.

Moving in with your partner is a huge step and you must weigh the pros and cons carefully before taking the decision. Cohabitation is bound to add some sparks to your love life as you will get to spend more time with your partner. It will also help you in deciding whether both of you are compatible and can spend a lifetime together.