Little Things in Life

Little Things in Life
By: Graziella Martines (member of

Little things in Life

They are not the big words,
the ones to be remembered.
They are not the big decisions,
that drive us secretly in our center.

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They are not the big moments,
our deepest inspiration.
They are not the great experiences,
that should value a relation.

They are not the large steps,
to move us fast forward.
They are not the loudest tones,
the sound of our favorite moment.

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They are not the big celebrations,
where we have the most fun.
They are not the largest walks,
our fastest run.

They are not the great treasures
our most precious gifts.
They are not the grand gestures,
followed by the most generous shift.

They are not the greatest presents,
we carry within us.
They are not the big stories,
that deserve our trust.

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They are not the powerful people,
to bring us the biggest change.
It is not the loudest crowd,
we should be afraid.

It is not always our best friend,
to become our most loyal companion.
They are not the big pictures,
to fill our hearts with compassion.

In silence and dignity lies the power,
that make us human,
in our poorest hour.

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Written by: Graziella Martines, Hanover, Germany.