Like Her?? Then Try to Impress Her


Like Her?? Then Try to Impress Her!

Life without a girl is like the world without GREENERY. Sounds really cliche right?? *WINK WINK*.

But, it’s kind of true, I mean just imagine the world without girls. How it would look, you open your eyes and see guys everywhere. You went to the cafe and ordered a hot chocolate lava lava and you see a guy dressed in a frilled skirt coming with your order, how impressive is that view??  Not really adoptive. So, likelovequotes is here with some to the point tips for all the guys to impress his lady luck in the right way. You just need to follow them.

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Like Her?? Then Try to Impress Her

1/Study a bit about ME:

Before approaching the girl you’ve admired and liked for long, do a brief research work on her likes and dislikes. But please, don’t put all your knowledge in the first meeting. Learn what to speak and what to hide.

2/Know what to speak and what to hide:

As I said, don’t just start your parrot show there by blabbering all that you know about her. It’s your first outing with her and make sure not to make it the last one either. So, be brief. Talk about like:

  • Compliment about her looks (Use words like CHARMING, ELEGANT, GORGEOUS, LOVELY)
  • Talk about her profession (Like what she does and how is life behind)

Speak a little and listen to what she has to say. Smile often and look straight into her eyes. That will make her more comfortable that you are listening to her. Try it out!

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3/ The right Attitude:

Girls like men who show attitude in the right way. Like:

  • When she’s arguing over lame things over the top, the guy looks angrily and tells her to stop
  • Or something like, you are over eating or over-smoking and the guy hold you to stop over eating or smoking. That’s kind of really manly.

In short read point no.4!

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4/Be Chivalrous:

There is a difference between BEING A MAN and BEING A GENTLE-MAN. A man is cocky, but a gentle man knows how to behave like a gentle-man.

  • He opens the door for you,
  • allows you to have your own space,
  • never receives any phone when he is with you,
  • never pokes in your private affair (NOT IF NECESSARY),
  • scolds you when you are wrong

And above all shows care and affection unconditionally.

5/Talk less but talk effective:

There is a way by which you can make that girl fall instantly and i.e by communicating your feelings. But mind you, don’t be extra communicative with your feelings, extra baggage’s are not welcomed at the first meeting. Speak like:

  • Some anecdotes about your family
  • Confessions like your childhood fear and how it changed you

Be brisk but be effective. Don’t speak like how your ex-girlfriend ditched you and how you drank the whole night after that. Please!

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Honesty is the best policy. Be frank with you feelings, don’t nod your head to each and everything she has to say. Have your own opinion and say, girls are impressed by those who can voice their own opinion.

7/Asking necessary question:

This mean that when she is telling something about her hobbies, likes and dis-likes, question her back related to her communication . Like:

  • Something unusual about her hobby
  • share some anecdotes that matches with her communication
  • share some knowledgeable ideas or feed-back

This shows that you were listening to her attentively and this can prove a plus point too.

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8/Be bold but not cliche:

Complimenting her looks or her hair style is done by everyone, you do something unique. Like complimenting about her inner qualities, something she was expecting, like:

  • Her attitude is stylish
  • Her perfume is enigmatic
  • You love the way she voices her opinion
  • Her eyes speaks louder than her words

9/Still looking for more points???

Like Her?? Then Try to Impress Her

Just grab your suit and get set go to impress your lady luck. Go before its too late! And always remember the rule of thumb : DON’T GO OVER THE BOARD and JUST BE YOUR BEST SELF!