The Lost Love : Light It Up Again.


The Lost Love : Light It Up Again

Sometimes two people have to fall apart just to realize how much they love each other. Mind you, love is never lost nor it fades away, but the relationship has to go through a litmus test. This is the rule of nature, the rule of love in fact!  Actually with the onset of technology, wireless connections, skype, and the most famous EMOJI’S we’ve completely lost our old ways of communicating or rather solving a dispute. So how to light up that lost love again?? How to get back that love story back on track?? Just how!

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The Lost Love : Light It Up Again.

Rule 1: Replace EMOJI’S with your REAL EXPRESSION

Very hard right?? We’ve become so obsessed with our smartphones that we almost forgot that our face has more functions than just looking beautiful or posting pouty pictures. Be real, show your love in real and not through those LOVE EYED EMOJI. If you are really sorry about how you behaved or you want to solve the dispute, talk it out. Open your mouth, let your eyes get wet, shout if necessary and show your expressions. Allow your husband or wife to understand what you feel in real.

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Rule 2: Communication means USING YOUR VOICE to speak

God has given you the voice to speak, to sing, to say words, to communicate feelings; not just to SPEAK DURING A BOARD CONFERENCE or TO CALL YOUR EMPLOYEE’S. I think that this concept of getting back your lost love has been repeated hell lot of times. Just spare a minute with yourself, if you had a fight or any other serious issues instead of leaving your partner and aiming for a divorce, switch up your mind and sit for a healthy talk.

Rule 3: Do the things that your partner likes

Take a leave from your office strictly, plan a surprise day with your partner. If you had a tiff with your WIFE then follow these tips:

  • Do the shopping for the household today.Help your wife in chopping the onions, and take over the kitchen. Mind you, not just for a day, try to follow it every day. Every day means, every day after coming from your office spend a little time in the kitchen or look after the children’s homework.
  • Make a Sunday special lunch and surprise your wife. But make sure you clean up the kitchen as well. Work hard a little harder, cause your wife deserves much more than what she deserves.

Now, if you had a fight with your husband, then:

  • Dress up a little different. Like any dress that he likes you to wear. After he returns home from a hectic schedule, surprise him with a nice welcome, the house beautifully lit up with candles, dinner ready on the table, his favorite music playing and of course YOU decked up just to impress him.
  • Work out regularly for at least half an hour, lose that extra inch.
  • Go for a sudden make-over, like a new hair style, a new way to flaunt your curves and your smile

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Rule 4: Be an enigmatic puzzle

Smile a bit more (Mind you SMILE and not LAUGH), a sudden change like you being a mystery. Do a thing different from what your partner expects you to do in certain situations, avoid being jealous or cranky whenever he is busy with his clients, instead surprise him by making him a nice glass of WHISKEY.

Rule 5: Surprise is the key to ultimate SOLUTION

When your partner comes back from office after a hard day full of files and clients, make him feel special by giving him a nice head massage or a shoulder massage, keep all his things ready and in place so that when he opens his cupboard he get’s everything without a fuss.

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Other small tiny details to ignite that lost love are:

  • Waking him/her up with a morning kiss
  • Writing something romantic with lipstick on the mirror
  • Watching a movie together
  • Sending the kids to their aunt’s house and organising a nice ROMANTIC ambience for you both
  • Doing the tie for him
  • Bidding him a bye for his office with a FOREHEAD KISS.
  • Keeping his shoes polished and his dress ready
  • Change the decoration of your room by making it more romantic or positive. Put some bright colors that induce positive.
  • Talking out disputes amicably and not by shouting.
  • Being there even when he/she behaves oddly, trying to understand their situation

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The Lost Love : Light It Up Again.

Taking that extra step will surely gift you with sweet rewards. Basically, what I want to say is, giving up or breaking up or staying alone is very easy, but why we can’t do the opposite by understanding, talking and solving them peacefully. Think about it!