Key Ingredients For A Happy Family Life Forever


Key Ingredients For A Happy Family Life Forever

Forever is a long word I know. Especially for the family, where nothing is constant. Everyday a new page, a new moment and loads of experiences. A family is a bond, a feeling which connects us with the bond of love. Since our childhood, we have always imagined our family to be like the one shown on the TV. Something like The Brady Brunch, The Cosby Show, Happy Days and many such shows which portrayed a perfectly happy family. But in reality, there are many things which need to be taken care of to make it a perfect forever happy family types. Unlike television where everything is scripted and has a basic plot, in reality, there is no script and everything is LIVE. So here are some tips or key ingredients for a perfectly happy family #forever.

Key Ingredients For A Happy Family Life Forever

  1. Make it a habit

Yes, make it a habit to atleast have one course of the meal together. Be it breakfast or lunch or dinner. Make sure to make it a condition or something more strict. Why because enjoying one meal together increases the love and the bond among the family members. Discuss your day, was it hectic or any other talks to share how was the day.

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2. Love and accept each other

In a family the most important to accept one and all as they are. Make every member of your family. Don’t start adjusting them according to your taste. Let them sink and slowly allow them to adjust. In a family, the most important thing is to keep the balance. And in order to keep the balance, there has to be a rhythm.

3. Go out with your family atleast once every month

Yes planning a vacation once every month is a must. It can also be a short one-day dinner plan or a vacation. Anything to spend some time with your family. No phones, no laptop, no work files nothing. Only you and your family. This will allow you all to come even more closer and will serve as a plus point in the future. Especially for the kids, this may turn out to be a plus point for them and they may start sharing their problems with you.

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4. Show that you love everyone

This is really important. To maintain that harmony and peace you have to shower the equal amount of love for all. Your family is your responsibility the language of love is more powerful than anything. Take care of everyone, including your children. Scold them but at the same time hug them with love and affection. Surprise them by celebrating their special day like a birthday or something like scoring good marks. Even when they feel low in life, talk with them and try to understand their problem.

5. Be the problem solver

In a family, the most important equation is with the children and the elders. In order to maintain a balanced relationship with everyone, be their problem solver. Try to find out solutions instead of shouting or panicking at the moment. This goes for the kids especially! The kids will share their problem only when they see that the person on the other side is lenient enough to listen to them. If you shower them with anger they will never share their problems.

Key Ingredients For A Happy Family Life Forever

A family is like a plant, you have to water it, nurture it and then only it will provide you with the fruits. The sweetness of the fruits depends on you and your plantation techniques.