Letter of Teenage Girl

Letter of Teenage Girl
Ronak Panchal ( Reader of LikeLoveQuotes.com )

Letter of Teenage Girl.


How are you? I’m not fine. Why? Yes I’m not. I don’t know why? I asked all the things from god but forgotten to ask the most important & necessary thing that is Happiness. I’ll be having everything but still I’m not happy. I met many peoples but still didn’t find anyone beautiful. The word beautiful doesn’t mean good looks, good personality, etc. For me beautiful is the person who has the beautiful heart.. People tell me that money ruins the people but i think money is not important. I’ll prefer to live in a hut with a beautiful person rather than living in a palace. I don’t want anything in my life. I’m happy & thankful to god for whatever I have. But still i want is happiness. I’m still unhappy. [ Read: Guy Writes an Open Letter to His Long Distance Relationship Partner ]

Friends, Family etc. yes, they are important but they leads to expectations & expectations always hurts. Yes, i do. Ye, i miss my school days. Do you know why? Because i was a real me. No Tension, No worries, No Limitations & No Fear of anything, Expect Results! Ahh those results. But now i have everything but still wanted that days back in which i can live my whole life when we are not matured. We always wanted everything Vehicles, Smartphone, High-speed Internet, Cloths etc. There was a day when we are apart far from those things but still we are happy. But now i have everything but i still miss my cycle who was my breath taker. Ohh silly me. I use to tie a rakhi on it on the day of Rakshabandhan my cycle always acted like my partner. But now it is sitting in a corner with full of dust but still I love it.. [ Read: Wife Writes An Open Letter to Her Husband ]

I miss the way i & my best friend Riya use to be. The way from home to Maggie ( My Classes ) the way we use to sit on a trample near Maggie. The way we use to study outside while having Maggie when we was having test..

I love the ways Riya use to fight for me when someone hurts me.. Ohhh  and our picnic were we some. Annual Day, Anchoring in annual days, dancing and how can i forget that. Hindi lectures. The way we use to eat anything in class and my mischievous nature. My ma’am always use to say that,” I’m a very naughty but innocent girl”. I lived my whole life in that 1 year. Friends were important but now I miss those friends because we were friends without any reason. But now as I grow up I see that everyone is mean but still i do survive. Because i have those memories in my heart. [ Read: Being Single Is Fun – 13 Reasons to Prove it! ]

Please give me those days back just for once. I promise I’ll give you my whole life after that one year. I’ll die with no complaints… I’ll die happily…

Yours lovingly,

May be Sweety