The Letter of Lust, Anger, Betrayal, Love, and Trust


The Letter of Lust, Anger, Betrayal, Love, and Trust

Since your birthday is on the way, I decided to gift you our story sealed with the gum of lust, anger, betrayal, love and finally trust. Strange right, everybody’s love story starts with either anger or love, and our started with an ANGRY LUST. Lust, as per the dictionary is a strong sexual desire for someone. But in our relationship, it was the hunger for LOVE. Yes, sex was a part of our relationship since the beginning, but, there were many things tangled with it. Let’s begin with the letter now.

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The Letter of Lust, Anger, Betrayal, Love, and Trust

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*The letter of #LUST

You might be pondering over this word angrily as to why I mentioned #lust! But if you jog your memory a bit harder and if you can show a little bit of courage, you would agree to it also. But yes, as I have mentioned at the beginning of the letter that in our story the #lust was for something different, I will clear out this “something different” now.It was a hot summer afternoon, the sun was looking bright and red-hot, we all were preparing for our speech competition when suddenly I had a love-stroke. The day was marked forever in the calendar and till date, we celebrate this day and enjoy a good laugh over some of the anecdotes.

But why #Lust??

Now, comes the question- WHY #LUST?? Well, if you remember, especially YOU, you went into this relationship not because you feel for me, but because you were craving for a perfectly imperfect LOVE. You wanted someone to hold you, hug you with emotions, kiss you with the passion for being together forever! This was the meaning of #lust in our relationship.

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*The Letter of Anger

Woooo! Anger was your all time favourite dish served with peppery spiced up anticipations. Your anger kind of gave me a heart attack each and every time you showed those fierce cat eyes. But the fun fact about your anger was, you used to get angry to justify your own faults. And the victim was the shy kiddo “ME”. I was a shy and super idiot kind of person during those times.

The king of short temper

My goodness, you had such a short temper and till now you have the same, but still I fell for you. Your anger was a mystery to me initially, I couldn’t fathom from where to start and where to end. But, inspite of everything, your only solution was to scold me and scold me and scold me. Where will you get someone like me?? I mean, who will listen to all your scoldings, all your attitudes and still be with you! Think about it, ok.

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*The Letter of Betrayal

How rude and how crude you were, just like those bad boys down the street. Where was your heart when you used your cute little eyes and face to flatter those big bad girls?? I believe it was inside your mind, you used it to improvise your plans. Those little plans to flatter those girls who had beautiful eyes, dusky skin tone, bold figure and above all, how foolish they were to believe your words. Your intention was something else which only I know about and it is better no to reveal. Cause the less I reveal about this case, the  better for everyone out there. After all, there are certain things which I want to keep personal.

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*The letter of LOVE

I fell for you much before you did, my feelings were like flying high in the sky and you were beyond my catch. To you, my feelings were like just another fling (initially). I ran behind you like a racer runs for that big trophy. But little did I know that the person after whom I was running like a mad hippy, he was actually running away from me! But why?? Was it that you feared love or feared to get involved with someone so serious about you??

The Letter of Lust, Anger, Betrayal, Love, and Trust

*The letter of Trust

After 4 years of hard work, dedication, strength and unconditional love, I finally gained your trust. The trust which was hidden somewhere in the deepest corner of your heart, I finally could gain your trust and you gained my love. The journey was difficult , but my destination was fixed and thus I walked it no matter how hard the path was.