Leave Him If He Does These Things


Leave Him If He Does These Things

Do not for a second doubt who you are and what you deserve. Do not settle for anything else. Do not hesitate to leave him when he treats you like an option. Anyone who insists on you staying in a toxic relationship shouldn’t matter to you. Their opinions should not cloud your judgement or hurt your feelings. You deserve to be with someone who doesn’t talk to you like you are not an equal or treat you like an object. Just leave him.

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He is not capable of controlling his anger? He uses it against you physically or verbally? Then you should leave him immediately. Try to communicate with him about it early and often, but there’s nothing you can do when he fails to get over his anger issues and starts taking it down you. A man with anger issues often has a problem letting go of past incidents. He will keep bringing up the mistakes you did. So it’s better to let go of him. He keeps telling lies after lies? Can’t believe a word he tells? Then why are you still in a relationship with him. It will never work out between you both when you are not honest with each other. He will make you doubt yourself, if you continue to be with him. Leave him before he manipulates you.

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His ex keeps crossing your life on a daily basis? He can’t stop talking about her? Then you should let him go live with her. Leave him, let him and his ex deal with their issues. If he is too busy for you but always finds time for other girls then tell him bye. Do not stay with a man who forces himself on you, your body is your rights, you shouldn’t do anything that you are not comfortable doing. Want more tips? Let me know in comments below.