Learning Lessons and Applying them to Your Relationships

Learning Lessons and Applying them to Your Relationships

Who doesn’t learn lessons from his/her daily life? If I talk about myself, I learn something new everyday. Learning lessons and applying it on some of the useful matters of life is very important. You learn something from your previous relationships or from the present one. The most important thing is to learn from a mistake. If you do the mistake for the second time, then god help you! And, how would the lessons come? When you try and do something new. One should not live a boring and monotonous, he should always keep doing something new or the other thing to keep his mind busy. [ Check out: 10 Qualities Of A Real Man In Relationship ]

Learning Lessons And Applying Them To Your Relationships

When you are finally sure of the relationship you are in, you tend to learn new good things. You see the world at a different angle and according, you act differently. You become more selfless and think about the partner you are with. It comes automatically and naturally. You will understand enough to accept your partner as and how they are, instead of getting frustrated like you were in your past relationships.

There are different kinds of connections that you and your partner tend to make. There comes more than just the connection of bodies, there is the attachment of mind and souls which enhances the relationship bit by bit.

We learn numerous lessons from our parents too that we can easily apply to our relationship to make it a more healthy and everlasting one. [ Also read: Partners Should Be Good Friends For Successful Relationships


First and the foremost tip or lesson one could think of is that a ”normal” relationship just don’t exist. Every couple is different in their own way. The way a couple interacts, the way a couple fights, all of it can be different from the other one. No couple is either right or wrong. None of the two relationships are same, and that’s the beautiful part of this phase of life. You can never compare it with your parents or your friends’ relationship.

You need to give your 100% in your relationship. Yes, just like your parents gave in their share in their lifetime relationship to make it a successful one. It doesn’t have to be this way that one person keeps on giving their pretty much share to strengthen it up and the other one is just falling far behind. If this case occurs, then a feeling of resentment may occur which should not come. Maybe, you must have seen this in your parents relationship, if you have, then learn a lesson. Pick yourself up and don’t let it hinder your relation. Read here: 10 Things Not To Do With Your Partner

Communication is the key ingredient to any of the relationship. You yourself can figure out if your parents were on the same page at every point of life. A happy relationship demands full proof good communication skills. Both the partners should be actively involved in listening to each other. If you can remember any time when one of your parents is consistently frustrated at not being heard, reflects on how that affected on their relationship. You must ensure that you should not repeat this kind of mistake in your relationship.

When you get super close with somebody in a serious relationship, only then your true personality comes out in front of your partner. These personalities don’t come out easily even with close friends as you don’t spend most of your time with them. It only comes when you demand some serious emotional expectations with a serious boyfriend or girlfriend. This also helps you learn more about life and commitment.

When you enter a relationship, then you get a touch of your inner emotional side. As you become emotionally vulnerable, then it can make you feel so weak that it can arise the inner strength in you. It’s very tough to really discover who we exactly are, what our passions and strengths are. What consists of our likes and dislikes, the way we think and our core values. [ Read: Twenties Types of Relationship Everyone Have]

Relationships teach you million things, one of the things being empathetic. If your partner is very hot tempered, then you may learn to be calm and composed in order to handle the flame. It teaches you to control your emotions in a better way. If you are hot tempered yourself, then seeing your partner handling all of it with such ease may give you a chance to change yourself and be a better person. You can transform for the good or for the bad, this you need to decide how you perceive things. Even if your relation doesn’t go well, you still learn so many things because of it. You learn to control your mood, temper and emotions, which is important to master your life in the near future.

Obviously, you are in love, so you want to spend all your time with your loved one. It looks cute when you cuddle each other all night and be together the whole day. But, then there comes a time when you need to experience different things in life. You go to your workplace and have a different story to tell about that day. Then, sometimes you don’t feel like spending all time together. Sometimes, you need your space to live. When you go out to have a chilled out time with your friends and your partner goes out with her friends, you then are getting the required space which is a must have in a relation. Then, you come out as more refreshed to each other. It also helps you to understand the depth of your relationship. Missing somebody is equally good as getting to spend time with your loved one. When you see the person after a long time, more love arises because of missing.