LDR – Long Distance Relationship Essentials


LDR – Long Distance Relationship Essentials.

Gone are the days when letters and emails or skype chats were the only medium for LDR couples to stay connected, now, with the onset of technology one can even feel his/her warmth without actually going to him/her. How this is possible?? With some really cool upgraded tech-essentials!

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LDR - Long Distance Relationship Essentials.

1/ Glowing Pillow:

This is also known as THE LDR PILLOW or PILLOW TALK! The unique concept behind this pillow is it’ll glow up when your partner sleeps on it. Thus no matter where you are, no matter how far your partner is from you,this #LDR pillow will give you the feeling that your partner is (BESIDE) sleeping with you.

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2/ Movie Time?? Watch it together:

So what if you both are staying in different lands, technology will bring you together with its unique innovations. Like these online movie applications which allows you to see a movie together. You can also enjoy a video chat in between without disturbing the movie.  Some examples like: Synatop, Gaze, Rabbit, Watch2gether, etc.

3/ Feel the TOUCH:

Everything is going good from applications to pillows to video chats. But what if I tell you, that, you can feel them in-spite of staying physically away from each other?? It is possible now with these TAPTAP WRISTBANDS which makes you feel your partner in the form of vibrations. Whenever you miss your better half, just tap your wrist band and this will create a vibration on your partner’s wrist (MAKE SURE YOUR PARTNER TOO HAS A SAME BAND).

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4/ Surprise:

Being in a relationship for almost more than a year I realized that a warm hug from your partner will not only help you to overcome stress. but can also boost your sulky mood. But after your partner went abroad for higher studies, you realized how badly you need that one strong beer hug to boost your mood up!  No worries, just purchase a HUG SHIRT!

Yes, you heard me right, a HUG SHIRT. Purchase it online for both you and hug each other. Each time your partner wears this shirt, you no matter where you’re will feel his/her hug.

5/ Sex Toys:

A very common technique used by LDR couples to keep the flame burning. Sex is not just the desire to burn your lust, but it’s a feeling or a bond that binds you together both physically and emotionally. Sex toys like : Clone a Willy, Kiroo toys, Vibease, etc and many such are available in market all the time.

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As the name suggests, it allows you to know what exactly is the time in your partner’s place. Thus it becomes easier to call them, as you already know whether they are sleeping or they awake.

7/ Snap Chat or Skype:

The most commonest and widely known applications which allows you to see your partner LIVE without any hindrance. Just make sure you have a proper net connectivity to avoid connection glitches.

8/ Last but not the least:

Applications like COUPLE ZONES, COUNTDOWN timers allows you to share photos, video’s and also keep a track of their meeting (ARRIVAL) with each other. What happens with whatssapp or Facebook is, the things becomes too much public. At times, you want to share some ME MOMENTS solely with your partner and thus these applications are made strictly for them. So, couples now no more being sad when it comes to LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIPS.

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LDR- Long Distance Relationship Essentials.

Bid your partner a happy bye and stay connected always anytime anywhere with the above mentioned LDR essentials. A small tip from your author, at times technology can do wonders and bring people close. Not all technologies are bad or the reason for the negative vibes going around, some are meant to spread love and keep the flame alive.