Is this your LAST KISS?? Watch it, before its too late!


Is this your LAST KISS?? Watch it, before its too late!

Your moment of romance can come to an abruptly sarcastic halt if the #KISS you are trying to gift your lady love is absolutely gross! Kiss is something romantic, an experience for the lifetime which one can cherish forever, it is an amazing feeling of love which reveals a lot about the person(APPARENTLY). Nevertheless, your sole author Sarnali is here at your rescue with some really handy tips to make sure your Last kiss is not exactly the last in number.

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Is this your LAST KISS Watch it before its too late

1/Do not be an impatient animal:

#Kiss is an art! The art of love and romance, not an eatery talent hunt, where you have to show how much can you stuff into your mouth at one go. Avoid WIDE OPEN MOUTH #KISS! Be a human, a nice, kind and peaceful one. Show your wild side to protect her from those CHEEZY BAD BOYS..UNDERSTOOD!!.

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2/ Be a human and not a VAMPIRE:

Why it’s difficult for people to act as a human being?? The one you’re kissing is a human too, yeah I know that biting is indeed sexy but not when the person starts bleeding or has swelled up lips due to your BITING #KISS. Smooching is different and making someone injured while doing that is totally unhealthy.

3/ Don’t be nasty:

One day my friend came to me and shared this horribly nasty experience she had with her one-time boyfriend! They were sharing a really cosy moment, it was her first adolescence kiss and she was damn excited until she found out her entire face was filled with spit. YEAH! you heard me right, SPIT! My friend became so reluctant that she was praying for it to end soon so that, she can go and wash her face. I mean this is something both embarrassing and horrible at the same time. AVOID SALIVA DRIPPING #KISS unless you don’t want to get slapped or might be get cornered.

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4/ Onion and ham cheese sandwich #kiss:

Is this your LAST KISS Watch it before its too late

Simply means you’ve got a BAD BREATH! Get away, brush your teeth, pop a mint and promise never to come back- THAT’S EXACTLY HOW SHE’LL REACT”

5/ Don’t go BREATHLESS:

Calm down, slow down, she’s not going anywhere. She is there right in front you, let her breathe. You’re not in any race or competition, where slowing down means you loose the game. This is LOVE and ROMANCE, go slow, be passionate. Got it??

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6/ Am I kissing a DEAD MAN??

Just like one should follow some rules to enjoy a good physique or to enjoy a good holiday, similarly, a good #kiss has some norms to follow. One of them is- BEING ROMANTIC. You’ve come for a romantic night or moment, not for a SHOOT AT SIGHT ORDER. So, keeping your eyes open or simply acting like  a dead person will make the other person feel dull and embarrassed. Just imagine how would you feel if suddenly you wake up and see an unknown lady sitting upon you?? CONJURING!

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And girls if you find that these kinds of gross behaviors are being repeated by him every time don’t hesitate to show them the exit door. I mean who likes being kissed with saliva all over her face or getting almost choked?? No one and in fact nobody will ever like such things.  Emotions can be both LIVELY and DANGEROUS, so learn to use them wisely and sustainably. Don’t forget that both you and your partner are a human being and not any electronic device. So next time when you plan to gift your date a #kiss, be sure you don’t embarrass her with the above-mentioned glitches. Unless you want to get slapped and zoned out forever!