Know the Best Ways to Keep Your Partner Interested in You

Know the Best Ways to Keep Your Partner Interested in You

Being in a relationship brings its own set of insecurities. You are in love with your partner but fear that s/he would leave you someday. You want to make sure that your partner stays with you forever and does not leave you for anyone or anything in the world.

Know the Best Ways to Keep Your Partner Interested in You

Don’t worry and follow these simple steps to have your partner interested in you all his/her life:

  1. Don’t lose touch with your partner

Both of you meet every day but there are times when you are out on a business trip and find yourself completely engrossed in work. Just make sure that you call your partner and let him/her know that you miss him/her. A few days of staying away from each other can lead to a long term separation. [ Check out: 10 Big Problems In A Relationship And How To Fix Them


  1. Express your love

If you don’t let the person know how much you love him/her, chances are that s/he won’t be able to understand the depth of your love and lose interest in you. Don’t bottle up your feelings; express your love before it gets too late.

  1. Support your partner

There may be times when your partner takes a major step in which s/he gets no support from anybody around him/her. In such instances, you should hold his/her hand stand beside him/her as a solid support. If you are with your partner in difficult times, then s/he will trust you and be with you forever.

  1. Be a positive influence

Don’t fight with him for no reason and nag him incessantly. S/he will leave you if you act like a burden on him. Be a positive factor in your partner’s life which brings cheers and happiness in his/her life. [ Also read: If You Can’t Stop Doing These 10 Things, You’re Not Ready To Get Married ]

  1. Show interest in his interests

If your partner is passionate about a particular sport, try to enroll yourself in the same. Your #partner should feel that both of you share similar interests as it would make him/her want to spend more time with you.

  1. Look attractive

Your partner may not, necessarily, be someone who is critical about your looks. But, putting that extra effort in looking attractive will do no harm. In fact, it could catch your #partner’s attention and s/he might as well compliment you for your efforts.

  1. Engaging conversations

Always try to talk about things that interest him. Avoid talking about your relatives if you feel it bores him. Don’t talk just by yourself; give him/her a chance to speak as well. Always have fun, lively conversations with him. If s/he is not interested in the conversations, s/he is not interested in you.

  1. Make your partner feel special

Surprise your partner with gifts or give him/her a surprise visit when s/he is out on a tour. You need not wait for a special occasion to surprise your #partner. Do not miss a single opportunity to let your partner know that how lucky you feel to have him/her in your life.

  1. Understand your partner’s needs

Try to understand what he feels about you. He might be finding it difficult to talk to you openly about certain things but you must observe him/her and understand what s/he wants. It could be a desire to get intimate. It’s okay if you are not ready. Just try to have a healthy conversation about it.

  1. Let him know your worth

Do all that you can do to please your partner but never, for once, let him/her believe that s/he is superior to you. If s/he starts believing that, s/he will take your granted. Do not let that happen. Make your #partner feel that s/he is lucky to have you too. Your partner will never leave you if s/he feels you are important to him/her.

  1. Emotionally dependent

Assure your partner that you respect his feelings and s/he should not be ashamed of being in an emotionally vulnerable state in front of you. Share his/her happiness when s/he feels ecstatic with joy and give him/her the comfort of your shoulder when s/he breaks down with tears.

  1. Learn to hear your partner’s thoughts

You must reach a point in your relationship when you can understand your #partner well. You must learn to understand what is going on his/her mind so that you can give appropriate reaction for it. This also means you have established a strong connection with your partner. If your partner feels the same, he will never want to leave an understanding partner like you. [ Read here: Read Why We Should Not Force Love And Give It Time ]

If you feel your being in a relationship with your partner is the best thing that has happened to you, then you must do all that you can to ensure that he stays committed to you forever. A relationship is needed to be nurtured and handled carefully, for it to sustain for a long time.