Do you know: Why Flirting is a Common Act?


Do you know: Why Flirting is a Common Act?

Do you know why Flirting is a Common Act? Are you aware about the science behind this Common Act? Why flirting is common among girls and boys? Is there any common notion behind the act of flirting? You all can take a back seat as Is Here to answer all Your questions. Before getting into the details let us know What is the basic definition of Flirting? Flirting means when a person behave as though sexually attracted to someone, but playfully rather than with serious intentions. Flirting is not a concept that has generated over night. Flirting existed even before we could really understand its meaning. Flirting can be seen as a common act among the people of every age group. At some point of time we get to see each individual indulge in the act of Flirting. The common signs of Flirting that you will come across between girls and boys are a Lingering Look, a Coy Smile, Standing just a bit too Close and an Accidental Brush.

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Do you know Why Flirting is a Common Act

Though flirting may be termed as a playful act to try to know the person who interests you. It is a natural act which requires no special learning. It comes naturally to a person when he gets attracted to someone special. When a person feels attracted towards someone he might witness some changes in his behavior and personality. He becomes cautious about that person. The science behind this act of flirting is that when one person indulges in flirting he/she are indirectly looking for someone who may have the potential to be his/her life partner or love interest. But do you know why people enjoy or have enjoyed this act of Flirting at some point of their life?

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It is an Involuntary Act: Flirting can be termed as an involuntary act. This means it is natural which comes from within. It is something that requires no learning. We do get indulge in flirting at some point of time in our life. We might come across many people who in spite  of being in a committed relationship  somehow get  indulge in flirting unknowingly.

Different ways of Flirting: There is no set pattern or way to flirt with a person. With time people have adopted various ways of flirting in order to grab the attention of their love interest. We can’t say that there are some fixed actions or gestures which indicate flirting. This is because a flirtatious person can flirt with simply an eye contact to that person. This suggest that flirting does not require a set plan it comes from our sub conscious mind. As soon as we see our love interest or the person we want to flirt with, our behavior and actions automatically makes the other person realize that our objective is to grab their attention or to flirt with them.

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Attraction Makes You Flirt With Them: You don’t flirt with anyone knowingly. This happens automatically. It is the Attraction that you feel towards the person and makes you flirt with them unknowingly. Flirting does not require any tool. Your one ‘Smile’ towards the person of your interest can be understood as flirting. One look towards them can be understood as flirting.

Sometimes its Intentional: It is also believed that at times flirting is Intentional. This can be seen when men or women intentionally flirt with their love interest just to turn the attention of their love interest towards them. For this they intentionally perform such acts which help them to come in the limelight.

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Flirting needs no Medium: This is true that flirting needs no medium. Flirting can be both physical or vocal. It is not limited to any kind of language. Flirting can be done with a person without the use of words. Sometimes Gestures are also enough for a person to flirt with his/her love interest.

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Thus, it can be said that Flirting, is playful act done by a person in order to gain attention and attract the his/her love interest. The science behind this common act is that it comes naturally to a person. Though it can be intentional too but the purpose of flirting in both the cases is to attract the attention of the person whom they might consider worthy enough for a long relationship or a life long partnership.