Just another Love Story – Based on Real Life Experience

Just another Love Story – Based on Real Life Experience

Our love story,

When I first saw you (at work), I knew I wanted you, you didn’t notice me as you walked by looking down but I could see the pain you had in your eyes and by the way you carried yourself. You were so tall so I could see you coming down the aisle every time. I’m not one to get shy but I would hide and pinch my friend and say, look look that’s him, and she’d laugh and say really he’s not your type though. I didn’t care, you made the butterflies in my stomach flutter once again, days went by and I never saw you again. Until a couple months later I was at my locker, I dropped my tools, as I reached down I saw you, walking towards me, I couldn’t believe it, we exchanged looks as you passed, you had the cutest smile. I thought to myself,” say something!” Hey, do you have a girlfriend? You turned around with a bigger smile and said no, in my head I was like really that’s your way of starting a conversation!, we spoke for a bit just getting each other’s names.

Just Another Love Story - Based on Real Life Experience

After that I never saw you again, months again went by and I was at a bar with my friends having a girls night out, I left them to go to the bathroom but it was packed, as I walked down the stairs my heel got caught and I stumbled forward right into a stomach while they caught me, I looked up and saw that it was you, your face lit up and you were like, hey! It’s you! I couldn’t even answer you, I felt so stupid and embarrassed cause I wasn’t even drunk, you asked me if you could buy me a drink, I saw my girls waiting for me to leave so I said no, but I gave you my number instead, I told you my phone was about to die, we hugged and I left. [Check out: Timeless Love – Story


I couldn’t believe what just happened. As soon I got in the car I saw your text and plugged in my phone, now I felt drunk, my head was spinning and my heart was racing, we talked every day since, we hung out and I never been so nervous or shy, when it comes to dating I’m always out there laughing and talking, but yet with you, I didn’t know what to say but ask, do you like lions cause that’s every guys favorite animal, I was so stupid lol that’s since we worked at the same company but in different areas, you did everything possible to come see me even though you’d get in trouble.

I started catching feelings way to quick and it scared me, I haven’t been with anyone for almost 2 years. I lied to you and never wanted you to touch me. I told myself I didn’t want to go through what I’ve been through ever again, an abusive and heartbreak relationship where I was engaged, where I was made fun of being told I was fat by just eating grapes even though I weighed 103 pounds, I was so insecure. So I pushed you away. You were so hurt, and I acted like such a bad manner to keep you away but you, you kept trying, we stopped talking for a while but I couldn’t bare not talking to you, I texted you again and things went back to how they were, we had more deep conversation and I found out what happened in your past relationship, you’ve been hurt the same way I did, we had so much in common from childhood to the present, then you told me how you would look for me at work but never saw me until that day by the lockers where I first had a word with you. You couldn’t believe I was talking to you and how you felt I was out of your league, and how you would ask about me all the time but didn’t want to come up as a creep and how you’d tell your dad (closes person to you) about me, how you were scared cause you fell in love with me to quick. I knew I belonged to you from the start, we got closer as the days went by , I admit it wasn’t easy, like every relationship we argued but yet you never left my side, months went by, we did everything together from traveling to just sitting in your car doing absolutely nothing. [ Also read: ONCE THERE WAS A BOND…BROKEN BY LOVE ]

Now you blessed me with a baby on the way, I never thought I could get pregnant cause my body was so unstable, from what I’ve been through in the past, months came and I started to fear what could of happen I saw my ex in you and I treated you with hate, things went bad where I hurt you, I never meant for that, yet you fought just as much to keep me, I never want to go through that period again.

Things got better where now we have our own place, every day that passes by I love you more than I thought I did the day before. You make me laugh, hold me when I’m scared, treat me like a queen, call me beautiful when I’m doing nothing but just sitting there, you still look at me with amazement, wake me up with kisses and hold tightly onto me through the night, I don’t have to hide my tears. In my past relationship I never cried in front of him even when he was beating me to where I blackout, you let me know I’m safe with you, that it’s okay to be sad. We may not got out now but I’m never bored with you. I love my little family, I love cooking for you and waking up early in the morning to get your lunch/coffee ready.

You do so much for me as I do for you, you taught me how to love again and not just love another human being but love myself again, I know it’s not going to be easy but I will do anything to have you by my side because I promise you I’ll never leave you, I’ll be there for you, I’ll speak when words are needed and share the silence with you.

You are every hope, dream and fantasy I ever had, I can’t wait to start parenthood with you, you are not just the love of my life you are my best friend too. [ Read here: A Weekend to Remember ]

The author of this story is a regular reader of LikeLoveQuotes.com and has requested to keep her name anonymous.

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