How To Tell If Someone Is Jealous Of Your Relationship


How To Tell If Someone Is Jealous Of Your Relationship

“I am jealous”. Nobody will ever say this directly on your face. But, feeling the vibes of this green eyed monster is something psychological. We all have gone through this phase once in our lifetime, our life is incomplete without this feeling of aggression, it’s like a process which happens accordingly. But when this occurs in a relationship, one has to understand why that person is feeling such negative emotions??

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How To Tell If Someone Is Jealous Of Your Relationship

Jealousy is like an insidious makeup if overdone it will flash on your skin like a halogen.But, very few and some really experienced professionals can notice them and understand them. By experienced, I mean, we “girls”. Yes, no matter how many time you deny the fact, the curious cat never fails to surprise you with their blessed instinct of pointing the jealous sheep among the crowd. But, we are not heartless and we decided to share some points as to help you pick that jealous cat among the crowd. Follow the points and keep your eyes glued to the screen.

1.If they always find a reason to accompany you wherever you go

Even if you are planning for a nice cozy dinner with your partner, they will always look for an option to accompany you. They just want to hang around you, and hates when your partner comes closer to you. They just hate the fact that someone else is becoming more close to you.

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2. If they hate when you talk about your partner

They either shout or reply very cranky when you sit to discuss your partner. It’s a clear sign that your friend is jealous of your relationship. A true friend will never feel jealous of your relationship neither they will snarl out in anger, there is something wrong if they behave in a negative way. Sit down and ask them directly.

3. They stop inviting you to their gatherings

Earlier it was you were the first person on their invitation list. But since the time you went into a relationship, you kind of became ticked out from their list of friends. Why this happened and why suddenly this huge change?? You might be thinking every possible reasons to find out the real fact, but, alas, the fact is your own relationship with your partner.

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4. The series of rumours starts

Starting from “How unhappy you are in a relationship” to ” How rude your girlfriend is”, everything ambiguous. A true friend will never try to spread any such ill-rumours neither about you nor your partner. They will always support you and be understanding unlike those green eyes monster, who will do any kind of tricks to hamper your relationship with your partner.

5. They don’t hang out with you anymore and prefer to be alone with you

They are giving you a cold shoulder in every possible way. Be it inviting you to their parties or hanging around with you, they are just ignoring you and behaving in a much negative way. They are simply avoiding you when you are with your partner each and every time.

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6. They can’t stand when you show love to each other

Simply cannot! They become really obsessive and burst out in anger which you can feel only if you talk with them. They simply can’t bear the affection you show to your partner. I find this both upsetting and irritating, as they make you feel like you have committed any kind of huge mistake. And the most saddening part is your partner gets to feel the heat inspite of not doing anything.

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Being jealous is a common feeling, and it is healthy too. But when this potion of jealousy exceeds its limit, it should be taken care of and talked about. The person who is going through this phase needs a thorough communicative session, where they can speak their heart and share their emotions.