It’s all about the People You Love

It’s all about the People You Love

Family comprises of the people who love you and whom you love. You can’t call it a family unless and until the people in it love each other unconditionally.

I think I typed these lines a bit seriously, no?

It's all about the People You Love
– Written by: Shailna Saini (member of

Well, we always take our family members for granted. Hardly can we think about them for a second because of the hustles of our life. It really helps us giving an excuse for why we don’t give time to our family, but deep down, don’t we know that it is really not that. [ Check out: 7 Reasons why family rules are important ]

Our mom keeps calling us all day long just to keep a check on what we ate, what we’re doing, how the day was and what not. But how do we reply them? “Mom, I am busy right now. How many times do I have to tell you not to call me? I’ll call you whenever I’ll feel like. Don’t disturb.”

But you know what? Our moms love us endlessly and even after listening to the harsh replies, they still call us & care for us.

This website, this page, every generation reads. So, let me be honest. It was very lately that I realized how mean I was being to my family. This article, it isn’t about just claiming something. I was not a ‘family person’ from the beginning, but yes, I am a completely different person now. You do change when you come to know about what all sacrifices your parents gave for you, don’t you? But that change is THE CHANGE only when it lasts in your mind, your senses for a long time, not for the only day or the only hour you come to know about this. [ Also read: 20 tips to be a better father ]

I know my mom & dad still love me but I am certain about this that they don’t know this yet or let me say, they can’t believe it yet that I love them because I have ignored them so much the whole time, always blamed them for my miseries & honestly, I can’t even expect anything else from them except this non-believing attitude towards my love for them.

Whenever we get irritated, on whom do we find the best way to show our anger & frustration? Yes, our mom. And, sometimes our dad. The reason I used ‘sometimes’ is because our fathers are usually the whole day out working so, we get very less to see them.

I live in a nuclear family and I am okay about that, because they are my world.

You all got your grandmas, granddads, massis, etc. And, what do we tell them when they come over to our place – “You are not a part of our family. You should be least bothered.” Like why? WHY? It is because of your grandmas and granddads that you are in this world as they gave birth to your parents.

And, when in a joint family, THEY ALWAYS FEEL NEGLECTED. And, believe me, it is not in just 2 or 3 or 5 cases out of 10. In every 10 cases, there are 9 cases in which the elderly feel neglected. Now you must be thinking about how do I know that? Well, I am a psychology student. I have to do case studies on many topics. One out of the topics that I chose was FAMILY. And, then was when I found out that. Our grandmas and our granddads love us unconditionally, believe me. They just want that in their last years, they should be loved by the people they love. And why not? The reason your parents are able to give you the facilities today is because of them because if they wouldn’t have let your parents study well, they wouldn’t have stood up to the position they are at now. [ Read here: Loving your Family ]

It’s all about family, all about the people you love.

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