Is it True Love Or Are You Just Hanging Out? Read Here


Is it True Love Or Are You Just Hanging Out? Read Here

Times have changed, so do notions abut Love has changed. Gone are those days when people wanted to fall in true love. But today Hanging Out as become the new trend among people. Yes, this is true, we are not beating around the bush. Boys and girls today are simply looking for someone so that they can hang out with them fulfilling their ulterior motives. We bring to you a true story which will make you realize that notions about true love has changed completely and Hanging out just for fun has become the new choice of the younger generation today. is here to bring out the difference between the two.

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Is it True Love Or Are You Just Hanging Out Read Here-likelovequotes

Is it Really True Love ?

Dating is so common these days but finding true love is very difficult. Everyone just want someone with whom they can pass their time. No one want to be in a serious relationship. This new idea is disappointing. We need to know that being in a committed relationship is more beautiful than simply looking for someone to hang out with.

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This can be further brought into light with a recent incident that we get to know through one of the readers. She informed us that she was approached by a guy on one of the known social media platforms. The guy who just got fascinated by the beauty of the girl. He was eager to know her. The girl on the other hand was disinterested in letting anyone know her. Though slowly and gradually the boy got the opportunity got a chance to know her little.

Our reader, was very sure that this guy was not really the One. The fact was that she knew that the guy is simply trying to pass his time with her. He was not really interested in being with a serious relationship with her. He was simply trying to create a web of false feelings for her. This doubt of our reader came out to be true after few days when she realized that the guy was simply trying to play with her feelings. Hence, we can say that the intentions the boy were not right and true towards the girl.

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Thus, the entire incident suggest that the younger generation are more inclined towards passing time than finding true love.