Is He Really Into You?


Is He Really Into You?

Is he really into you? Is he really in love or just playing around? These are one of the few questions which grow in a girl’s mind at least once while she is in a relationship. This could be due to many reasons. Following are some signs and actions that a girl could look for in her guy just to clear her mind from the doubts. So, let’s find out if your guy is really in love with you or he is just here to stay for a fraction of a second.

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Is he into you?
1- Eye Contact 
This sign is legit so important and definitely tops the list without a doubt! If the guy you are with looks straight into your eyes while you’re having a conversation or just about anything, means he really into you.

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Is He Into You?
2- He leans towards you.
Trust me with this factor. If the guy you’re into, leans forward to talk to you just about so many times, proves he really is looking forward to be with you.

Is He Into You?
3 – He treats you really differently.
And by that, I mean the “good different”. That is because, hello? There is a reason the two of you are into each other right? So girl, do notice his behavior around others and around you while you’re with him.

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Is He Into You?
4 – If he is trying to like your activities of interest.
If there is a guy who is trying his utter best to like all the things that you do, even for a second, then mark my words, he is a keeper.

Is He Into You?
5 – The way he holds your hand.
If your guy holds your hand, in a manner which makes you feel safe and comfortable, then you legit have picked the right man. There is much more to a relationship than just cute talks, right?

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Is He Into You?
6 – The way he smiles at you.
If the guy smiles at you in a manner which you would call giddy, then you, my girl, have picked the right man! There is a reason why the world says “actions speak louder than words”, right?

So, do you think he is really in love with you or is he faking it?