Invasion Of The Entity Called The Third Person


Invasion Of The Entity Called The Third Person.

There are many ways a relationship can get ruined! One of them is THE THIRD PERSON. It’s that strange unignorable entity which stays like a shadow around you. Being in a long-running relationship I personally had this depressingly strange experience of being constantly  haunted by that third entity. They will melt you with their sweet words, put you under unknown problems and later blame you for those situations. They are only there to create problems and make your relationship a mess.

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Invasion Of The Entity Called The Third Person

How they come up

Generally, these kinds of situations are seen especially with the guys and their female friends. The two were good friends before YOU came into the scene, she was his only hang out buddy, his only secret sharer, but after your entry, everything changed. All of a sudden your time and your moment shifted to HER. His once best friend now became a long lost contact, now whenever you call for a hangout, he brings her along. You call your best friend and find his phone busy for long hours, you visit his house and notice HER sitting with his mother. Everything happened so fast that you couldn’t keep a track. And then suddenly you realized that it was more than just a friendship.Now what they do make your relationship a mess-

The Past-

A very common weapon used by those third entities to create problems is bringing up the past issues or even shaking hands with their X’s. Generally, they do this to create that small tiffs which later on turns into a big fight. They try to dig the old graves, by suddenly bringing up some lost memories which make him emotionally unstable or uneasy. And later makes up by saying “I was doing this to help him forget his past! And trust me I am there with you always”. Please note- Nobody can treat a wound by sprinkling salt in it!

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Pretending to Be The Well Wisher

This is done by fueling up your fights into a huge misunderstanding. They kind of act as a catalyst to boost the fight, even more, harder. They will act as an angel in front of you and her, but as soon as she leaves the premises they will pinch your ears with all negative thoughts about her. Something like this- “Don’t you think she was acting a bit more?? I mean it’s ok that you did this but her reaction was obsolete and you are not a Hen Peck.”

The Act Of Pretending Continues

They purposefully say something to hurt you and later consoles by saying “I was just trying to make you stronger” CRAP!  And and, they also share something secret talks in front of you with him and when you question or act suspiciously they turn around by saying “We were taking your loyalty test”.

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Having said about loyalty test, there comes that strange point in your life when that third person, decides to take a loyalty test of yours. They along with your boyfriend makes some fishy plans by forcing him to send his EX friend request. Later on, when you create a fuss out of it, they kind of change the route by saying “We were testing whether you trust him or not”. Note- A loyalty test by sending his EX a friend request is like exchanging your religious thoughts with an atheist.

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We can’t judge people by their looks, cause by looks even a BLUE RINGED OCTOPUS looks colorful, but it’s only after we get stung by its venom that we realize its true intentions. So, to prevent your relationship from getting absolutely ruined by their intentions, fight like a warrior. Be an active shield between you and your boyfriend, if there are any issue that’s creating a mess, sort it out mutually and face to face. Try to explain to that third person that by doing this she won’t fetch anything, instead, when the truth will come in open, he will hate her more than ever. Try to be in your good shoes as far as possible and never leave the hand of your partner. Problems are like passing clouds, they’ll come and go.